Info:Version History

Series 9.12

Version - (11-05-16)

  • NEW: Added Perpetuum Locomotive, a Creative only Locomotive that doesn't require fuel of any kind. (contribution by Forecaster)
  • FIX: Wrestle missing RF Unloader textures from the maws of Git, the beast.

Series 9.11

Version - (11-05-16)

  • NEW: Added Redstone Flux Cart + Loaders.
  • NEW: Fancy tooltips for the Signal blocks/boxes.
  • NEW: Added some new Admin commands for killing entities/carts.
  • NEW: You can now label Block Signals in addition to Boxes.
  • FIX: Fix right-click handling for fluid containers. (issue #776)
  • FIX: Fix NPE when looking at Signal Boxes. (issue #793)
  • FIX: Fixed excessive render refreshes when a Switch Controller touched two Switch Tracks. (issue #775)
  • FIX: Hobbyist Engine should move empty buckets to the fluid output slot. (issue #804)

Series 9.10

Version - (23-03-16)

  • NEW: Added Auto-Coupler Mode to Coupler Track. Any cart that passes over this track will couple to the next cart it collides with. (contribution by Cream-tea)
  • NEW: Add support for IC2 Classic. (contribution by Speiger)
  • CHANGE: Reworked harvest tools for the entire mod. Tracks and related blocks are by default harvestable by the crowbar instead of pickaxes. Other blocks are either axe or pickaxe depending on material.
  • FIX: Signals and Boxes now use a TESR for rendering the lights, resulting in less render refreshes. (contribution by Vexatos and Player)
  • FIX: Fix OreDict tag in Tin Plate recipe. (issue #781)
  • FIX: Fix issues with server/client sync of filtered Carts.
  • FIX: Only cache Tile Entities located in the same chunk as the cache. Should resolve untold issues with Signals and Multi-Blocks.
  • FIX: Improve High Speed explosion logic to take into account the comparison of Train objects. Might result in less unpredictable explosions.
  • FIX: Fixed NPE in Anchor Chunkloader code caused by mismatched worlds.
  • API: SignalBlock was moved to the API so that addons can create new Signal blocks.

Series 9.9

Version -(08-03-16)

  • NEW: Signal devices can now be named using the Signal Label item and Anvil. (contribution by Vexatos)
  • NEW: Disposal Track can be disabled with a Redstone Signal. (contribution by wshadow)
  • NEW: Switch Motor now has a button that will cause it to ignore Redstone signals. (contribution by wshadow)
  • NEW: Convert the Tunnel Bore into a multipart entity to allow for more fine tuned control of the collision box.
  • NEW: New Routing Table keyword: Loco. Returns true if the locomotive type matches “electric”, “steam”, or “none”. Using “none” only returns true if there is NO locomotive. (contribution by Cream-Tea)
  • NEW: Coal Coke torch recipe. (contribution by daniel)
  • FIX: Package correct RF API.
  • FIX: Fixed NPE when loading a world with a Personal Anchor. (contribution by Yopu)
  • CONFIG: Added H.S. explosion entity exclusion list. (contribution by Yopu)
  • API: Might possible break anyone using depreciated functions of the Signal API.

Series 9.8

Version -(21-10-15)

  • NEW: Added Cargo Cart, a filterable Cart for moving items.
  • NEW: Locomotive Limiter can now put Locomotives into reverse. (contribution by cruck1000)
  • CHANGE: Tin Bushing can now spawn in Mineshaft and Workshop loot chests. (contribution by Yopu)
  • CHANGE: Loader/Unloader filter slots now match against custom Cart names. (contribution by Woodstone)
  • FIX: Fixed a possible crash during Worldgen if you disable the Track block.
  • FIX: Fixed Anchor interaction with FunkyLocomotion.
  • FIX: Fixed IFluidContainer dupe bugs (I hope).
  • FIX: Logging out while riding a cart should no longer take the cart with you (and break trains apart).
  • FIX: Tunnel Bore should now obey permission events when breaking blocks. (contribution by Dockter)
  • FIX: Animal Detector can now tell cows and mooshrooms apart. (contribution by cruck1000)
  • FIX: Added foundation to village workshop. (contribution by notabadminer)
  • FIX: Various Undercutter bugfixes. (contribution by Yopu)
  • FIX: Fixed crash when Goggles are disabled. (contribution by Yopu)
  • FIX: Loosen up Routing logic so that Locomotives don't have to be at the front of the train.
  • FIX: Ore Dictionary support expanded to newest standards. (contribution by Adaptivity)
  • FIX: Override Command Block Cart to fix interactivity issues. (contribution by liach)

Series 9.7

Version -(09-08-15)

  • NEW: Steam Locomotives can now pull fuel and water from attached carts.
  • NEW: Rewrote the entire system for moving items and fluids around within Trains. It should be more compatible and less buggy than the previous system.
  • INFO: The way the system works is that push and pull requests can only pass through carts that allow them to be passed. For example Chest Carts can pass item requests, but not fluid request. And Tank Carts can pass fluid requests but not item requests.
  • INFO: Because of the way the system works, you can either attach a Chest Cart to your Steam Locomotive to supply fuel or a Tank Cart to supply water, but not both. Choices are good.
  • NEW: Sneak-clicking with a Surveyor or Tuner will now clear the current pairing operation.
  • NEW: Redesign Tuning Aura and add Surveying Aura for the Goggles. Should be more visible now.
  • NEW: Add Signalling Goggle Aura, a combination of the Tuning and Surveying Aura.
  • FIX: Rock Crusher can now crush Entities again.
  • FIX: Disabled Tile Entity caching on Bukkit. Bukkit doesn't seem to invalidate Tile Entities correctly. This is likely the cause of most issues with Multi-blocks on Cauldron. Sadly, caching is a significant performance booster when it works.
  • FIX: Detector and Directional Detector Track should wait a few ticks before turning off the redstone. Helps prevents pulsing while trains pass over, which often led to glitchy railway logic.
  • FIX: Make Receiver Boxes occasionally update their neighbors to prevent situations where the Receiver says one thing and attached blocks another. Could happen when the Receiver was in a different chunk from the adjacent block.
  • FIX: Have Block Signals save the last known position of track end positions to NBT. Should prevent Signals from returning Yellow if the chunk on the opposite end isn't loaded. May cause traffic jams and collision if your trains don't have Anchor Carts.
  • FIX: Increase the area that Anchor Carts keep chunkloaded from 3×3 chunks to 5×5 chunks in order to help reduce chunkloading derived issues for moving Trains.
  • FIX: Boilers and Hobbyist Engines should defer water triggered explosions until their own update tick. Should prevent other mods from crashing when their block randomly disappears mid-update.
  • FIX: Disabling any blocks or items used in Rock Crusher recipes should no longer crash. Issue #602
  • FIX: Prevent Locking Tracks from reseting in the middle of a Train by searching for nearby carts that are 'almost' on the track.
  • FIX: Fix various issues with Signal and Controller/Receiver pairing that could result in dropped links and other random bugs.
  • FIX: Fix NPE in the Signal debug statements.
  • FIX: Fix minor issue with Energy Loader's IC2 integration.

Series 9.6

Version -(23-04-15)

  • INFO: Full support for the latest Forge Fluid changes, also fully backwards compatible with older versions. May require some config tweaks for older versions.
  • NEW: Removed Forestry API files from the JAR to increase compatibility and reduce conflicts. All Forestry integration remains functional. (experimental)
  • NEW: You can now reset the Signal Tuner and Signal Block Surveyor by sneak-clicking.
  • NEW: Add Passive Anchor, does not force load chunks on game load, only when visited. Recipe uses Cyan Dye for now, but will eventually use Prismarine.
  • NEW: IFluidContainerItems should be completely supported now.
  • NEW: Add Debug in-game command that will dump data to the logs.
  • NEW: Capacitor Boxes now have a switch to determine if they should trigger on a rising or falling signal. (contribution by wshadow)
  • NEW: Improvements to the Switch code that should make them more reliable and predicable. (contribution by ssotangkur)
  • CHANGE: Loaders “Has Work” Buildcraft trigger should better reflect the actual loader status. Issue #535
  • CHANGE: Signal Block Relay Boxes now require two Signal Circuits in the recipe instead of just one.
  • CHANGE: Signal Block Relay Boxes no longer function as a Controller. If you need that functionality, put a Controller Box next to it. May break some setups.
  • CHANGE: Improve Signal Block debug print statements to help with debugging some possible issues.
  • CHANGE: Coke Block now 10x Coal Coke fuel value and is flammable. (contributions by daniel and Kamran)
  • FIX: Various chat messages that didn't before should now properly localize.
  • FIX: Personal Anchors should only tick their update (and fuel use) function once per tick…oops.
  • FIX: Fix Geode Generator. Issue #576
  • FIX: Geodes should only spawn under the ocean floor now, instead of half submerged. Issue #526 (contribution by liach)
  • FIX: Melt snow on top of Smokers. Issue #530
  • FIX: The Controller Box shouldn't respond to redstone signals that don't update it. Issue #539
  • FIX: Tanks should now properly sync with the client again. Issue #545
  • FIX: Don't register research if Thaumcraft crowbars aren't defined. Issue #546
  • FIX: Invalid Multi-blocks should reject items. Issue #557
  • FIX: Fixed NPE when breaking a cart on a Routing Detector. Issue #562
  • FIX: Engines should output to IEnergyReceivers in addition to IEnergyHandlers. Issue #564
  • FIX: Signal Blocks should no longer ignore hills and valleys within the block.
  • FIX: Fix Track Layer not dropping items and expand valid replaceable blocks (contribution by Yopu)
  • FIX: Fix stack-over-flow on circular Train.
  • FIX: SMP block sounds should work now (contribution by PaperTriangle)
  • FIX: Newly spawned Anchor Carts should attempt to force load chunks immediately instead of waiting for an entityEnteredChunk event.
  • FIX: Fixed localization issues with Track GUIs.
  • FIX: Disabling the Factory Module should no longer prevent you from cooking Abyssal and Quarried Stone.
  • FIX: Attempt to make Train objects survive linking and cart deaths (unlinking still needs work).
  • FIX: Anchor Cart should no longer request Chunkloader Tickets if the entity is dead.
  • FIX: Crowbar should no longer attempt to link dead carts.
  • FIX: Train Detector should no longer count dead carts as part of a Train. Issue #536
  • FIX: Crowbar Destruction Enchantment can no longer perform alchemy. Issue #519 (contribution by WoodStone)
  • FIX: Hide the Tank Valves Animation Tank from TankInfo calls. Issue #381
  • FIX: Properly Handle Invalid Regex Syntax in Routing Tables. Issue #518
  • FIX: Don't try to define Brick recipes if disabled. Issue #513
  • FIX: Reduce logging levels so that more log messages get sent to the log file instead of the console.

Series 9.5

Version -(06-02-15)

  • INFO: Update BC API to 6.3.1+
  • INFO: Update Forestry API to 3.4+
  • INFO: Update Thaumcraft and Redstone Flux APIs.
  • NEW: Add Regular Expression support to Dest and Name Routing Conditionals. Uses '?=' as keyword. Example: “Dest?=*.Hill”
  • NEW: Add comparator support to Iron/Steel Tanks. (contribution by daniel and Yopu)
  • NEW: Add Thaumcraft Void Metal Crowbar (contribution by Yopu)
  • NEW: Add Packed Ice Stairs and Slabs.
  • NEW: Added Less Than/Greater Than modes to the Item Detector.
  • NEW: Add a new Routing Table conditional, “Type=<modid:itemname>”, for matching against Minecart item names.
  • NEW: Add new Routing Table conditionals, “Ridden=<true/false>” and “Riding=<username>”, for checking if someone is riding a train.
  • NEW: Modify the Routing Table “Name=” conditional to accept “null” to indicate that the Minecart does not have a custom name.
  • CHANGE: Rewrite Analog Controller Box to be more flexible. It now allows ranges. (contribution by wooky)
  • CHANGE: Loosen up fluid transfer rates for Tanks and Boilers, we want to support mods other than Buildcraft better.
  • FIX: Rewrite Locking Track Logic to be more dependable (contribution by ssotangkur)
  • FIX: Don't send non-breakable-space (nbsp) characters to the Font Renderer as it seems that Minecraft can't correctly render them. Fixes issues with number formatting in certain locales.
  • FIX: Fix Tank Cart Item Rendering so its not randomly transparent.
  • FIX: Tweak Fluid Loader logic and add Fluid Filter slot. Fixes #442 Closes #421
  • FIX: Track Tiles should override shouldRefresh() to prevent metadata changes from wiping the TileEntity.
  • FIX: Fix particle velocity values.
  • FIX: Ensure that Gears and Plates are initialized in pre-init when Factory is disabled and Locomotives are enabled.
  • FIX: Fix the code that allows the Furnace Cart to accept any type of Fuel.
  • FIX: Fix Locomotive shift-clicking.
  • FIX: Fixed corruption issues with the Analog Controller Box, the two Distant Signal variants and the Signal Relay Box caused by reordering the metadata mappings when the Analog Controller Box was added.
  • FIX: Track Layer now ignores plants. (Yopu)
  • FIX: Possible fix for IC2 EnergyNet issues (Issue #404)
  • FIX: Various minor fixes to Force Tracks. Make unbreakable and remove from creative.
  • FIX: Tweak track item creation, should eliminate stacking issues.
  • FIX: Locomotives shouldn't forget Emblems when broken.
  • FIX: Add a hack to keep Gregtech from removing my Locomotive Painting and Emblem recipes.
  • CONFIG: Add config option to explicitly disable the generation of new Tracking Aura blocks.

Series 9.4

Version -(18-11-14)

  • INFO: Updated BC API to Buildcraft 6.1.7-6.1.8
  • INFO: Updated Thaumcraft API. (thanks to jsteenbeeke for making this easier)
  • NEW: Added Force Track Emitter, uses Charge to project energy tracks. (Patron Milestone Complete!)
  • NEW: Added Flux Transformer (Yopu, CovertJaguar)
  • NEW: Added Track Layer and Track Remover. (Yopu)
  • NEW: Added three new Crowbar exclusive enchantments: Wrecking (bonus damage), Implosion (Creeper bonus damage), Destruction (wide area deconstruction of blocks). (WoodStone, CovertJaguar)
  • NEW: Added Metal Lanterns. (WoodStone, CovertJaguar)
  • NEW: Added Copper, Tin, Lead, and Steel Stairs and Slabs
  • NEW: Added Copper Plates.
  • NEW: Added Analog Controller Box. (wooky)
  • NEW: Hitting a Signal with a Magnifying Glass will tell you what aspect it is, for those people who can't see the colors. (liach, CovertJaguar)
  • NEW: Added Admin Steam Producer, creative only, produces infinite Steam. (Yopu)
  • NEW: Added Admin Feeder Unit, creative only, produces infinite Charge. (Yopu)
  • NEW: Thaumcraft Alumentum can be used as a Blast Furnace fuel. (Yopu)
  • CHANGE: MJ API replaced with RF API. (CovertJaguar, adudney)
  • CHANGE: Information reported by the Electric Meter has been improved.
  • CHANGE: Poor Ore now produces two Nuggets.
  • CHANGE: Increase Lapotron Loader Upgrade added storage to 5M and decrease the max to six upgrades.
  • CHANGE: Improvements to the Metals Chest algorithm, now better spreads the computation over multiple ticks and will convert Nuggets, Ingots, and Blocks directly to their RC equivalents in addition to condensing them.
  • CHANGE: Make Anchor/Sentinel pairing more flexible (order of pairing no longer matters) and add more error messages.
  • CONFIG: Added Anchor Debug config option, enabling it will spam you with information about ticking anchors.
  • CONFIG: Added a config multiplier for controlling how efficiently Steam Locomotives use fuel.
  • API: Electricity package was updated to allow usage tracking of charge.
  • API: Add Rock Crusher Recipe InterModComm message. (genymedes01)
  • FIX: Fix Emblems for Electric Locomotives (Issue #365)
  • FIX: Fixed some issues with Item/Entities falling on Rock Crushers.
  • FIX: Fixed Rock Crusher death messages, added several new death messages to other damage types.
  • FIX: Fix Firestone render glitch when not using fancy rendering. (viliml)
  • FIX: Possible fix for Locking Tracks getting out of sync for some users.
  • FIX: Possible fix for code optimizer issue with walls.
  • FIX: Fixed Anchor/Sentinel pairing displaying the wrong messages due to client/server differences.
  • FIX: Supported vanilla cart entities are now properly replaced with Railcraft's implementation on use. (many thanks to Yopu!)
  • FIX: Fixed crash when disabling the Locomotive Module.
  • FIX: Steam Oven textures should render correctly again. (Yopu)
  • FIX: Fix metal blocks and nuggets to actually return null when disabled. (Issue #338)
  • FIX: Add deconstruction recipe support for Hopper Cart and Furnace Cart. (Yopu)
  • FIX: Fix Firestone repair recipe dupe bug. (Yopu)

Series 9.3

Version -(02-10-14)

  • FIX: Fix issue with world migration from older MC versions that was blocking upgrading.
  • FIX: Platforms will no longer drop Posts.
  • FIX: Grass will no longer grow on Quarries. (contribution by WoodStone)

Version -(22-09-14)

  • CHANGE: Renamed Stone Lamps to Stone Lanterns.
  • CHANGE: Posts now connect to Wire Support Frames.
  • FIX: Fixed Loaders erroring on load and forgetting their contents.
  • FIX: Fixed Locomotives forgetting their destination on load.
  • FIX: Crowbar now allows sneak bypass, enabling shift-click to rotate Locking Track modes in reverse.
  • FIX: Fixed Tracks that were uncraftable in Alternate Recipe Mode due to an improper OreDict tag.
  • FIX: Fixed Item Unloaders blocking when attempting to remove items from inaccessible slots.
  • FIX: Metals and Void Chests should now orient correctly on placement.
  • FIX: Fixed Locking Track sometimes getting stuck in its startup mode and not grabbing carts.

Version -(14-09-14)

  • FIX: Obligatory recipe fix patch. Never fails, recipes are always broken.

Version -(13-09-14)

  • NEW: Added Electric Tracks, they power Electric Locomotives and cause damage to living entities when powered. The Engineer's Overalls will protect you from damage.
  • NEW: Added Electric Shunting Wire, made from Copper, Paper, and Lead in a Rolling Machine. Use it to connect Electric Tracks across gaps and non-electrified tracks in the line. Place under the track.
  • NEW: Added Wire Support Frames. Required in order to place Track on Shunting Wire. Place wire, then click with Frame in hand (other way around works too).
  • NEW: Locomotives will have their name and destination displayed above them. There will probably be some way to hide/disable this in the future.
  • NEW: Added Copper/Tin Blocks.
  • NEW: Added Lead and associated Poor Ore, Nuggets, Ingots, and Blocks.
  • NEW: Added Metals Chest, a chest that condenses any metal nuggets or ingots inserted into it blocks. Good for dealing with multiple OreDictionary variants of metals.
  • CHANGE: Ic2 Energy Carts can be used to power the Electric Locomotive. To offset this, theses carts now have a lower speed than normal carts. This can be countered by adding multiple Locomotives.
  • CHANGE: Gear recipes modified to be less dependent on Buildcraft. Now requires a Tin Bushing as the core instead of Stone Gears.
  • CHANGE: Steam Turbine moved from Ic2 Module to Electric Module. No longer requires Ic2.
  • FIX: Fixed NBT errors with Routing Table, it should be usable now. Sorry!
  • FIX: Fixed tooltip localizations on many items and fixed many other localization issues elsewhere.
  • FIX: Fixed texture shearing on Posts/Platforms.
  • FIX: Fixed issues with Engineer's Overalls not breaking when preventing damage.
  • FIX: Fixed version check localization and redirected away from my ailing Dropbox.
  • FIX: CraftGuide API files are no longer included in the Jar. This is somewhat experimental but no issues with CraftGuide integration reported so far.
  • API: Added IElectricMinecart to allow carts to transfer power throughout the train.

Series 9.2

Version - (12-08-14)

  • FIX: Fix Forestry Backpacks for real this time, all issues should be resolved and tested.

Version - (09-08-14)

  • NEW: Liquifaction Coal (32000 HU) and Blazing Pyrotheum (64000 HU) can now be used by Boilers.
  • CHANGE: Buffed Bleached Bone Brick recipe. Changed recipe to shapeless: 1x Clay Ball + 3x Bomemeal = 1x Bleached Clay, Cook 1x Bleached Clay in Furnace to get 1x Bleached Bone Block.
  • FIX: Fix occasional circular code loop in track item code.
  • FIX: Fix Backpack crash.
  • FIX: The Cart Dispenser and carts in general should be less likely to forget custom Names added by the anvil.
  • FIX: Update Steel Anvil to support new Forge Repair events.

Version - (08-08-14)

  • INFO: Updated to 1.7.10
  • INFO: Updated IC2 and Forestry APIs.
  • NEW: Added a new lock mode for Locomotives that prevents all GUI access and hotkey use.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked median y spawn levels of Copper and Tin slightly (y70→y60 and y60→y50 respectively).
  • FIX: Fix Forestry Backpack integration. It was crashing NEI.
  • FIX: Steam should not be red!
  • FIX: Poor Iron Ore can be mined with Stone Pickaxe.
  • FIX: Firestone retains name when being recharged or broken.
  • LANG: Convert Localization System to vanilla implementation. Should render us fairly future proof hopefully. (Blame this for delays! And Vexatos and Neptunepink!)
  • CONFIG: Fix Anchor fuel parsing and allow floats.

Series 9.1

Version - (22-06-14)

  • NEW: Poor Ore Seams. Seams of Poor Ore for Iron, Gold, Tin, and Copper will now spawn in the world. Cook the Ore to get Nuggets.
  • NEW: Added Railcraft Villager and Structure to Villages. (credits to AEnterprise for the initial code)
  • FIX: Refuse to extract zero stack items from inventories, fixes pulling infinite items from Barrels.
  • FIX: Close file resources after loading textures because apparently MC doesn't do it for us.
  • FIX: Removed config options pertaining to IC2 Refined Iron, since it no longer exists and they were crashing with newer Forge versions.
  • FIX: Call markDirty() on inventories.
  • FIX: Snow Slabs are crafted with Snow Layers, not Blocks. Fixes recipe conflict.
  • FIX: Apply mad hacks to make pathfinding stop trying to jump over my Walls.
  • FIX: Various bug fixes mostly related to left over 1.7 issues.
  • FIX: Converted Tank Cart Filter recipes to a Custom Recipe, fixes issues with incorrect items being mapped.
  • FIX: Fix minecart deconstruction recipes, they should now return the cart contents correctly.

Series 9.0

Version - (05-05-14)


  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.7.2.
  • KNOWN ISSUES: Vanilla minecarts are not being replaced until the chunk reloads, Bore may not mine, some blocks harvest weirdly, and Gated Tracks don't connect to fences.
  • NEW: Added Trade Station. A block that can trade with Villagers.
  • NEW: If the Bore stops for any reason, it will now activate any attached Locomotives (must be in Run mode to work).
  • NEW: Using a Magnifying Glass on a structure will give you some information about why it won't form. Not sure how useful it is.
  • CHANGE: Lockdown, Holding, and Boarding Tracks merged into a single Locking Track. Change modes with a Crowbar. Legacy tracks should update automatically.
  • CHANGE: Master block of all MultiBlocks moved to the center of the structure if possible to make it possible to rotate them intact, may result in loss of items in the structure.
  • CONFIG: Anchor Fuel options expanded to support multiple items.
  • API: Added framework for creating alternative Locomotive skins.
  • API: Reduced the importance of TrackIds, they are now only used for legacy support and network sync. TrackTags strings are used for everything else, including serialization.

Series 8.4

Version - (25-02-14)

  • INFO: Updated Thaumcraft API to 4.1.0.
  • INFO: Final Update for 1.6.4.
  • NEW: Added Platforms, a varient of Posts.
  • CONFIG: Added multipler for Bore Mining Speed.
  • FIX: Added some checks to prevent the Thaumcraft Plugin from crashing if you disable some of Railcraft's items/blocks.
  • FIX: Train Dispenser was broken in, fixed now.
  • FIX: Using the Loader Gate Action “Pause” should be less unstable.
  • FIX: Fix possible loop in Tile Entity repair code.

Series 8.3

Version - (19-12-13)

Another hot-fix to bump the Forge version to for the Replaceable TileEntity Fix for the Hidden Tracking Blocks.

  • INFO: Forge req bumped to for the Replacable TileEntity Bug fix.
  • CHANGE: Energy Detectors now use Tin Plates instead of Tin Ingots.
  • CHANGE: Minor tweak to Boiler fuel use code to fix some weird math when using non-standard config settings.
  • FIX: Fixed a dupe but with copying Routing Tables.
  • FIX: Catch and handle network sync errors caused by corrupted TileEntities.
  • FIX: Feed Station no longer crashes when feeding Wolves.
  • FIX: Fixed an infinite loop that could occur if you place certain tracks in odd configurations.

Version - (12-12-13)

  • FIX: Gift Cart should no longer render as TNT.

Version - (07-12-13)

Stone Lamps

  • NEW: Add Stone Lamps.
  • NEW: Added MultiPart support for Bricks/Cubes/Glass.
  • NEW: Add Creosote Block varients of Stairs and Slabs.
  • NEW: Tagged a bunch more stuff with Thaumcraft Aspects.
  • CHANGE: Reworked Boiler math to eliminate heat-up costs.
  • CHANGE: Unified and standardized all Steam production code in all devices.
  • CHANGE: Fuel adjustments: Blaze Rods 800→1000, Coal 3200→1600, Coke 6400→3200, Coke Block 57600→28800 (fixes Short overflow issues with furnaces).
  • CHANGE: Reduce Coke Oven cook time: 3000 → 1800
  • CHANGE: Turbine Guage is now a TESR. (Renderer provided by Player)
  • CHANGE: You can now specify a side for the Dismount Track to dismount on.
  • CHANGE: Reduce chance of Firestone breaking.
  • CONFIG: Added option to set the output of the Creosote Torch Recipe.
  • CONFIG: Added multiplier for Fuel to Steam Conversion values.
  • CONFIG: Move Fluid configs from World Gen to Fluids where are supposed to be.
  • FIX: Register all missing Items with FML for 1.7. You MUST install this version or newer before upgrading a world from 1.6→1.7. (IMPORTANT: If you don’t install this version or any following versions for 1.6.4 before upgrading to MC 1.7, you will lose a number of items during the upgrade.)
  • FIX: Add some more error checking and handling to the Routing Logic to prevent possible crashes on malformed syntax.
  • FIX: Carts can't collide when dead, fixes some issues with Nether Portals.
  • FIX: Various minor performance tweaks to Boilers, Rolling Machines, etc…
  • FIX: Fix stack overflows and faulty counting in Train Detector.
  • FIX: Firestone heating bonuses are no longer applied to the cooldown process, only heatup. Oops.
  • FIX: Firestone Ore, Raw Firestone, etc… are all immune to fire and lava now.
  • FIX: Firestone should not randomly vanish anymore.
  • FIX: Firestone no longer crashes the Tunnel Bore.
  • FIX: Fix lighting on cart contents rendering in dark places.
  • FIX: Fixed Tank Cart uncrafting recipe returning wrong items.
  • API: IPostConnection was modified somewhat, in a hopefully non-critical manner.

Series 8.2

Version - (29-10-13)

Sequencer/Interlock Boxes Explanation

  • NEW: Added Signal Interlock Box, each one can be paired with a controller and receiver, chain them together to create an Interlock.
  • NEW: Added Signal Sequencer Box, outputs to each side in turn when pulsed by Redstone Repeater/Receiver Box, chainable.
  • NEW: Added Creosote Wood Block.
  • NEW: Added Steel Anvil, twice the durability, can enchant up to level 50.
  • NEW: Thaumcraft Integration: Aspects + Thaumium Crowbar
  • NEW: Rock Crusher will suck up items tossed on top like a Hopper. Items that can't be crushed will be destroyed. Uses energy.
  • NEW: Rock Crusher will damage Entities on top. Uses energy.
  • CHANGE: Rock Crusher now produces crushed IC2 Ores instead of dusts.
  • CHANGE: Re-enabled Boiler Explosions (they were disabled because of the Fluid update).
  • CHANGE: Adjusted Energy Cart capacities/tiers to match new IC2 values, added CESU Cart, removed MFSU Cart.
  • CHANGE: Increase Cart render distance significantly.
  • CHANGE: Signal Capacitor Box can now accept input from Redstone repeaters.
  • CHANGE: Signal Capacitor Box can now “pass through” a Signal Aspect between two boxes.
  • CHANGE: Steam Ovens can be placed with corners touching (experimental).
  • CHANGE: Heavily damaged Refined Firestones have a small chance to become Cracked Firestones. Remains usable and can be repaired, but less efficient and other penalties.
  • CHANGE: Heavily damaged Cracked Firestones have a small chance to become Raw Firestones.
  • CHANGE: Firestone heat value reduced 500 → 250.
  • CHANGE: Firestone heatup bonus reduced 40x → 30x.
  • CHANGE: Adjusted Fuel/Biofuel Boiler default heat values as per Player's new balance paradigm. 1/4th previous values.
  • CONFIG: Added configs for scaling Fuel/Biofuel Boiler heat values.
  • FIX: Boilers still lose heat if broken.
  • FIX: Quarried Stone can generate again.
  • FIX: Train Dispenser no longer thinks its inventory is only 3 slots.
  • FIX: You can now harvest Firestone Ore even without silktouch.

Series 8.1

Version - (06-10-13)


  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.6.4, Forge (not strictly required, works with 1.6.2).
  • NEW: Added Emblems, crafted at the Engraving Bench. Emblems can be put on Locomotives, Metal Posts and Item Frames.
  • NOTE: Emblems are collectibles that you can acquire by finding “Unlock” codes which will be released periodically on the blog/youtube/twitter/etc…
  • NEW: Added Firestone, the perfect heat source. Find the Ore, refine it, and toss it into any lake of Lava to charge it. Heats Boilers 40x faster!
  • NEW: Added Redstone conditional to Routing Logic: “Redstone=true”. Triggers on redstone input to routing block.
  • NEW: Added Nether Brick based Brick Theme. Cook Nether Brick blocks in a Furnace.
  • CHANGE: Couple/Decouple Tracks merged into single Coupler Track, hit with Crowbar to switch modes. Recipe now requires two crowbars. Existing tracks should be converted automatically.
  • CONFIG: Added option for debug print statements for Cart Linking to track why links are broken.
  • FIX: Periodic Signal Block validation check should load unloaded chunks while its checking to prevent false positives. Increased validation interval.
  • FIX: Anchor Cart will no longer happily give away their fuel to attached Chest Carts.
  • FIX: Routing Track drops inventory when broken.
  • FIX: Potential fix for Train Lockdown track grabbing the middle of trains on chunk load.
  • FIX: Some of the Rock Crusher recipes weren't matching item damage correctly.
  • FIX: Fixed NPE in Undercutter.
  • FIX: Switches should write all state information to NBT now, resulting in fewer instances of split trains on restart.
  • FIX: Routing should ignore carts in the middle of the Train now.
  • FIX: Suspended Signals should render correctly again.
  • FIX: Linking should be more tolerant of “dead” carts, resulting in fewer random disconnects. Portal traversal might even be possible, but its untested.
  • FIX: Tweaked Lockdown type tracks to hopefully be less likely to break Trains apart.
  • FIX: Tuners and Surveyors now inhibit block activation when used.
  • FIX: Fixed issues with some textures on Posts/Concrete.
  • FIX: Signal Boxes should no longer render as breaking in the inventory.
  • FIX: Controller Boxes now properly accept redstone signals from non-dust sources.
  • FIX: Fixed Posts being painted the opposite color of the brush.
  • FIX: Some tweaks to Steam Turbines that might fix some oddness with wires.
  • FIX: Multi-Block Structures should be more forgiving of invalid states, items will only drop if you break the block containing them.
  • FIX: Fixed alternate track recipe crash.
  • FIX: Fixed possible Tank Gauge Tooltip crash.
  • FIX: Undercutter will now only replace any block if both pattern slots are empty.
  • FIX: Villager Detector should inform the client of what mode its in.
  • FIX: Wye Tracks switches textures properly again.
  • API: Minor change to AbstractPair to allow the Tuning Aura to work in the Nether/Mystcraft.
  • API: Added a helper class for placing complete Multi-Block Structures in the world.

Series 8.0

Version - (05-09-13)

  • INFO: Updated IC2 API to version 2.0.140.
  • CHANGE: Backported bufferless auto-balancing from the BC AutoWorkbench to the Rolling Machine.
  • CHANGE: “Dest=null” will match any routable cart without a destination.
  • CHANGE: Undercutter no longer “requires” a filter.
  • CHANGE: Posts now connect to Signs.
  • FIX: Fixed bug with Undercutter not replacing some blocks.
  • FIX: Fixed issues with Blast Furnace GUI while burning Coal Coke.
  • FIX: Creosote shouldn't burn forever.
  • FIX: Steam Turbine can output at 100% again.
  • FIX: Fix possible Fluid renderer crash if somehow a FluidStack was invalid.

Version - (8-21-13)

  • INFO: Updated IC2 API to Expiremental IC2 branch.
  • FIX: Added info about the NeedsRefuel routing condition to the manual.
  • FIX: Possible crash when breaking a Signal.
  • FIX: Loaders should be able to insert tickets into Locomotives for real this time.

Version - (8-17-13)

  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.6.2 and Forge
  • INFO: Updated Buildcraft, Forestry, IC2, and CraftGuide APIs.
  • NEW: Added Steel Shears.
  • NEW: Added Cobble versions of all Bricks, product of crushing in Rock Crusher.
  • NEW: Added Coal Block Coke Oven recipe.
  • NEW: Added “NeedsFuel” conditional to Routing Logic.
  • NEW: Animals/Mob kills by Steam have a 50% chance to drop smelted items.
  • NEW: Added Forestry Carpenter Creosote Torch recipe.
  • NEW: Added Iron Door → Steel Ingot Blast Furnace recipe.
  • NEW: Fluid renders now support Fluid color multipliers (Xycraft specific feature).
  • CHANGE: Allow Embarking Track to load smaller slimes.
  • CHANGE: Nerf Water Bottles to contain only 333 mB water.
  • CHANGE: Iron/Steel Tanks can no longer be filled from the bottom and will instead automatically output Fluid into any adjacent Fluid receptacles below the tank. The mechanics for the next layer up remain the same (can fill/drain, but must pump the liquid out).
  • CHANGE: Disabled Boiler explosions temporarily until Forge adds legacy liquid support. Will be reenabled in
  • CHANGE: Tanks can now be moved without reseting their contents! Unless you swap master blocks, then it resets.
  • CONFIG: Added config to disable registration of Fluids. It is not recommended that you change this setting unless conflicts occur with other mods.
  • FIX: Fixed CraftGuide crashing on the Rotor Repair recipe if you don't have IC2 installed.
  • FIX: Coke Oven and Blast Furnace GUIs now properly sync with server.
  • FIX: Fix moving empty buckets out of Boiler fuel slots.
  • FIX: Bore can place tracks in Fake Air blocks.
  • FIX: Can place Disposal Track above Fake Air blocks.
  • API: Tweaked AbstractPair and SignalBlock some to help track down some pair dropping issues.

Series 7.3

Version - (7-03-13)

  • NEW: Added Steam Trap and Automated Steam Trap. Uses 32 Buckets of Steam to damage entities in front of it.
  • NEW: Added Strengthed Glass. Uses new Block Id.
  • NEW: Added Torch recipe using Wool and Creosote.
  • NEW: Made it so the Entity Name is displayed in the Locomotive GUI and added a Name conditional to the Routing Logic.
  • NEW: Added sounds to Engines.
  • CHANGE: Renamed Energy Module to Steam Module.
  • CHANGE: Moved Turbine to IC2 module.
  • CHANGE: Can silk harvest ores.
  • CHANGE: Reduced Geode chances per chunk from 35% to 30%.
  • CHANGE: Liquid (Un)Loaders now have a mode button similar to Item (Un)Loaders.
  • CHANGE: Increased Liquid (Un)Loader internal tank capacity to 32 buckets.
  • CHANGE: Instead of banning Liquid Containers from the Chest cart entirely, they now comsume one slot per item regardless of stackability.
  • FIX: Activator Track recipe no longer creates Detector Tracks.
  • FIX: Inventory to Inventory interaction should no longer fail-fast, and instead try all slots.
  • FIX: Creosote Bottle should work again.
  • FIX: Snow Slabs got a different recipe due to conflicts with Snow Cover. Its now 3 Snow Cover = 3 Snow Slabs.
  • FIX: If you have the Coke Oven disabled or the Creosote smelting recipes enabled, you can no longer extract Creosote Liquid from Creosote Bottles. You can still use them to craft Ties.
  • FIX: Tank blocks now correctly convert the color when being painted.
  • FIX: Double chest interaction should be less derpy.
  • FIX: Added some validation checks to the Routing Table gui to prevent crashing on invalid NBT.
  • FIX: Liquid Loaders can now usually tell if a cart is empty even if the Loader is empty.
  • FIX: Disembarking Track should work again.
  • FIX: The Railcraft Steam Item can be disabled if another mod adds Steam. (set to 0)
  • API: Added Track Item tooltip support to TrackSpec. Should be non-breaking, just spammy if it fails.

Series 7.2

Version - (6-14-13)

  • FIX: Boilers output to BC Pipes again. (oops)
  • FIX: Item Loaders will load from the Buffer again.

Version - (6-13-13)

  • INFO: Updated IC2 API.
  • NEW: Added Steel smelting recipes for Shears and Iron Axe.
  • NEW: Added Locomotive Whistle Hotkey. Defaults to “N”.
  • NEW: Added HasWork Gate Triggers to Coke Oven and Blast Furnace.
  • NEW: Turbines will now return water to an adjecent Bioler automatically.
  • CHANGE: Loaders can load Tickets into Locomotives now.
  • CHANGE: Increased idle machine power draw to be in line with BC Machines.
  • FIX: Fixed (Un)Loaders confusing input and output slots.
  • FIX: Fixed crash when Posts are disabled.
  • FIX: Fix Phantom Dupe.
  • LANG: Updated Language files.
  • API: Fixed some bugs in the TrackRegistry and TrackSpec error handling code: minor, self-contained, non-breaking.

Version - (5-30-13)

  • FIX: Disabling a module that doesn't meet all its load conditions will no longer crash.
  • FIX: BlockBrick sanity checks its getIcon() method.

Version - (5-30-13)

  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.5.2, but it should still work on 1.5.1.
  • NEW: Tracking Aura added to Goggles. Tracks all player movement over that last 30 minutes, even other players. Used new block ID (“block.hidden”), disabling this block will essentially disable the Tracking Aura.
  • NEW: Locomotives now accept Tickets and can be locked.
  • NEW: Added Routing Switch Motor, uses a Routing Table to automatically route Locomotives.
  • NEW: Added Routing Track, sets the Destination of a Locomotive.
  • NEW: Added Routing Detector, uses a Routing Table to match passing Locomotives.
  • NEW: Added Routing Table for defining Routing rules.
  • INFO: Routing Table in game Help page contains all the information you need to write a set of routing rules. (See also
  • NEW: Added hotkeys for controlling the Locomotives in a Train you are riding. Slower/Faster/Mode, Default Keys: < > M
  • NEW: Added config setting for Locomotive Horsepower, adjust at own risk.
  • NEW: Added vanilla ISidedInventory support when accessing adjacent Inventories.
  • NEW: Receiver Boxes, Relay Boxes, and Switch Motor GUIs have a lock button for securing the GUI.
  • NEW: Added custom recipes (Rotor Repair, Ticket/Routing Table cloning) to CraftGuide.
  • CHANGE: Removed Worldgen Biome config lists and IMCs in favor of BiomeDictionary tags. This should be more compatible out of the box and just simply work for all Biome mods.
  • CHANGE: Rewrote Detectors to store the sub-block ID in the Tile Entity instead of metadata. There may be bugs!
  • CHANGE: Solid Fueled Boiler Firebox will pull fuel from an adjacent Steam Oven if below 64 items.
  • CHANGE: More informative tool tips for Iron/Steel Tanks and Boilers.
  • CHANGE: Doubled Turbine Output to 200 EU. WARNING! This will overload any MV machines attached to the Turbine!
  • CHANGE: Changed Loader/Unloader recipes to use Hoppers for real this time, additionally they have Cobblestone around the outside like Droppers and Dispensers.
  • CHANGE: The “New Version” message now displays less frequently based on when it was last posted. (once per three days)
  • CHANGE: Geodes and Quarries now spawn Populate events with custom EventTypes (RAILCRAFT_GEODE, RAILCRAFT_QUARRY). This should allow better integration with things like Mystcraft.
  • FIX: Tank Cart Item Renderer now renders the Item in 3D in world.
  • FIX: Filtered Tank Cart recipes no longer consume the liquid used to craft them (this bug was introduced when Tank Carts moved to storing filter data in NBT).
  • FIX: Rotating Steam Ovens no longer breaks the structure.
  • FIX: Sound Handler now properly plays Tool hit sounds for blocks.
  • FIX: Fixed up first and third person item rendering a bit so it works correctly with the recent Forge changes.
  • FIX: Buildcraft Gate Triggers and Actions work again (oops).
  • FIX: Detectors provide a strong redstone signal again (oops).
  • FIX: Backpacks use proper wildcards, fixes issue with some items not being accepted.
  • FIX: Force sounds to extract to the correct folder since the MC Launcher fails at setting the working directory.
  • API: Added getHardness() method to ITrackInstance. As usual, any out of date APIs will spam the log with errors, but not crash.
  • API: Added several new interfaces related to Routing.

Series 7.1

Version - (5-11-13)

  • NEW: Added Slab variants of many blocks. Used one new block ID. Special Feature: Can stack different types.
  • NEW: Added four new variants of each Brick Theme. Each Theme now uses one Block Id, old Bricks moved from Cube Id to new Ids. Conversion should be mostly seamless.
  • NEW: Added Abyssal Stone (Black) and all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Abyssal Stone generates in large Geodes beneath the oceans. Cook it in a Furnace to get Abyssal Blocks.
  • INFO: Geodes have a greater than average chance of having Diamonds, Emerald or Lapis Ore inside.
  • NEW: Added Quarried Stone (White) and all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Quarried Stone generates in large surface deposit in Forest Biomes. Cook it in a Furnace to get Quarried Blocks.
  • NEW: Added Frost Bound Brick (Blue), all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Combine 8 Ice with 1 Lapis to get 8 Frost Bound Blocks.
  • NEW: Added Blood Stained Brick (Red), all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Combine Smooth Sandstone with Rotten Flesh or Raw Beef to get Blood Stained Blocks.
  • NEW: Added Bleached Bone Brick (Yellowed), all five brick variants plus slabs and stairs. Combine Bricks and Bone Meal to get Bleached Bone Blocks.
  • NEW: Added Coal Coke Blocks. Yes, they can be used as Fuel.
  • NEW: Added HasWork Trigger and Pause Action to Loaders/Unloaders.
  • NEW: Added “Partial” Redstone mode to Item Loaders. This mode is similar to Immediate, except it will not send Empty carts.
  • CHANGE: Redesigned World Gen section of 'railcraft.cfg'. Added ability to specify new Biomes to spawn some features in. If you are using non-standard settings, please double check your configs.
  • CHANGE: All Loaders/Unloaders now use Hoppers in the recipe instead of Dispensers.
  • CHANGE: Painted Tank blocks can now be harvested with Silk Touch.
  • CHANGE: Switch Motors/Levers now switch all adjacent Switch Tracks instead of just the first it finds.
  • CHANGE: Moved Ore blocks to Railcraft Creative Tab.
  • CHANGE: Increased Iron Tank blast resistance: 15 → 20
  • CHANGE: Increased Steel Tank blast resistance: 15 → 25
  • FIX: Its no longer possible for Locomotives to keep running after running out of fuel.
  • FIX: Train Dispenser no longer crashes with a Stack Overflow.
  • FIX: Fixed Stairs pick block.
  • FIX: Painted Tank blocks now render correctly on the ground.
  • FIX: Crafting Managers now correctly match metadata.
  • FIX: Fixed possible crash in the Liquid Renderer due to random Forge changes.
  • FIX: Railcraft now extracts its sound files to the resources folder and loads them from there, may fix issues some people have with sounds.
  • FIX: Tank Cart inventory code is less bizarre and crashy.
  • FIX: Disabling Steel Ingots no longer allows you to craft Steel Nuggets from Iron Ingots.
  • FIX: Disabling Steel Ingots no longer allows you to craft Steel Nuggets into Iron Ingots. It will instead attempt to find a different Steel Ingot in the Ore Dictionary.
  • FIX: Item Unloaders will no longer crash on carts that don't implement IInventory.
  • API: Minor modification to TrackSpec to make it compatible with ID Resolver.

Series 7.0

Version - (5-01-13)

  • INFO: Updated to Minecraft 1.5.1
  • WARNING: Any BatBox, MFE, or MFSU Carts not in item form will disappear from your world when updating!
  • NEW: Added Reinforced Crowbar made from Steel.
  • NEW: Added Stairs for various blocks. Used another Block ID.
  • NEW: Added Quartz, Iron, Gold, and Diamond walls. Used another Block ID.
  • NEW: Added Smoker, a smoke emitting block, can be disabled via redstone.
  • NEW: Added Void Chest, anything put in this chest is deleted.
  • NEW: Added Admin Anchor, an uncraftable Anchor that never uses fuel (for server admins).
  • NEW: Added “All” mode to the Item Loader/Unloader. This mode is similar to Transfer, but will move any number of items matching the filter.
  • NEW: Converted Item Loader/Unloader “Wait” button into Redstone Mode controller with three modes: “Immediate”, “Complete”, and “Manual”.
  • * Immediate: Same as if “Wait” was false. Sends cart as on the first tick that no items are moved.
  • * Complete: Same as if “Wait” was true. Holds cart until the current operation is 100% complete. Even if there are no items being moved currently.
  • * Manual: Never sends a Redstone Signal to the Track, you must activate it externally. Or via the “Send Cart” gate action.
  • NEW: Added Steel Tanks, with 32 Bucket capacity per block.
  • NEW: Iron and Steel Tanks can now be painted.
  • NEW: Added HasWork Gate Trigger and Pause Gate Action to the Steam Oven.
  • NEW: Added Signal Aspect Trigger to various things.
  • NEW: Added Analog variable power output state to the Item and Tank Detectors.
  • NEW: Blast Furnace will now pull fuel from adjacent chests.
  • NEW: Added a reverse setting to the Locomotive speed settings. Not currently settable via Tracks (is that even needed?).
  • CHANGE: Wooded Rails are now crafted at the work bench. No Rolling Machine required. Shapeless Recipe: Tie + Iron = 6 Rails.
  • CHANGE: Creosote Oil fuel value in Boilers increased by 50%. 3200 → 4800
  • CHANGE: Tank Cart default capacity increased to 32 buckets.
  • CHANGE: Chest Carts can no longer move any liquid container with max stack size greater than 1. Config option.
  • CHANGE: Texture files reworked for new texture system.
  • CHANGE: Increased Anchor-Sentinel pairing distance, can now load 25 chunks total. Fuel usage adjusted accordingly.
  • CHANGE: Adjusted Activator Rail name/recipe to match the other Tracks.
  • CHANGE: Steam Locomotive Water Tank capacity increased to 6 buckets.
  • CHANGE: Doubled the output of the Iron Tank recipes.
  • CHANGE: Iron Tank blocks now produce 4 Steel Nuggets in the Blast Furnace instead of a full Ingot to match the new reduced Iron cost.
  • CHANGE: Moved all Asthetic blocks to Railcraft Creative Tab.
  • CHANGE: Tuner, Surveyor, and Mag Glass moved to Railcraft Creative Tab.
  • CHANGE: Removed IC2/BC Wrench rotation support from all blocks, added Forge Rotation API support.
  • CHANGE: Removed IC2 Painter API support, added Forge Recolour API support.
  • CHANGE: Removed Legacy update code that was added back in the 5.x versions.
  • FIX: Fixed possible condition under which the Anchor Cart would load chunks in the wrong order and possibly get stuck.
  • FIX: Fixed another infinite loop in the Anchor Cart inventory code.
  • FIX: Pick Item now works in all RC GUIs.
  • API: Added IMC for adding new Sulfur Biomes, syntax = “sulfur-biome:biomeID”.
  • API: Added TagList, a collection of ItemStack tags.
  • API: Massive changes including a namespace change.
  • API: Removed ItemRegistry in favor of FML's built-in ItemStack Registry in GameRegistry.

Series 6.17

Version - (02-21-13)

  • NEW: Added Steam Oven, a 2x2x2 Multi-block structure that uses Steam to smelt items.
  • NEW: Added helpful tooltips to all Multi-block items.
  • CHANGE: Plate recipes now output 4 plates each, instead of 3.
  • CHANGE: Reduced chance that the Turbine Rotor will take damange from 1/150 to 1/200.
  • CHANGE: Banned burning of IC2 Scrap in all RC Machines. “We don't run Boilers on rocks 'round here, nope!”
  • FIX: Fixed an infinite loop in the Anchor Cart inventory code.
  • FIX: Signal Boxes can no longer be placed in invalid locations (floating).
  • FIX: Fixed AI pathfinding properly this time.
  • FIX: Fixed various issues with some of the alternate smelting recipes.
  • FIX: Added missing GUI trigger for Signal Block Relay Boxes and fixed derpy blinkage (again).
  • FIX: Changed Nether Brick Wall recipe so it doesn't conflict with Nether Brick Fences.

Series 6.16

Version - (02-21-13)

  • INFO: Updated UE API (Do I even need to list this anymore?).
  • NEW: Undercutter can now place most any block that you can put tracks on. Additionally, it can place blocks to the sides as well.
  • NEW: Added Signal Block Relay Box, this box acts like a Block Signal but has other additional features.
  • NOTE: Relay Box can act as a Signal Block Relay allowing you chain blocks together, even around corners. ie. It can be paired with two other Signals (or Relays).
  • NOTE: Relay Box can also interact with adjacent Boxes, for example Controller or Capacitor Boxes, and emits redstone.
  • NEW: Added Signal Capacitor Box, when placed next to a Signal Receiver Box, it will emit redstone for a specified duration from the time the Receiver Box starts emitting.
  • NEW: Added Dual-Head Distant Signal. This Signal possesses two receivers and can be paired to two controllers.
  • NEW: Added custom Repair Recipe for Turbine Rotors, combine the Rotor with any number of Blades in a crafting grid to repair the Rotor by 2500 per blade (max damage is 30k).
  • NEW: Steel Tools and Armor can now be recycled in the Blast Furnace to get most (but not all) of the materials back, regardless of damage.
  • NEW: Added Signal Circuit. All Block Signals now use this Circuit.
  • CHANGE: Painted Metal Posts can now be harvested with Silk Touch without losing their paint.
  • CHANGE: Buffed Blaze Rods to 800 heat.
  • CHANGE: Steam Locomotive water input slot limited a stackSize of 4.
  • CHANGE: Upgrade Signal Block code to use the new pairing API. There may be bugs. Please let me know if existing Signal Blocks fail to convert seamlessly.
  • CHANGE: Circuit Items got new textures and recipes and were combined under one item ID. Any existing circuits will disappear from your world.
  • CONFIG: Added option to adjust Blast Furnace processing time if you are using Steel in place of IC2 Refined Iron.
  • CONFIG: Added config options for the itemID of the item used as Anchor Fuel and whether they can be automated with Pipes, etc…
  • FIX: Switches and Wyes should be less likely to switch while a Train is traversing them.
  • FIX: Increased Locomotive damage to 50 in order to kill Endermen.
  • FIX: Added some additional safety checks to the Iron Tank renderer.
  • FIX: Fixed AI pathfinding with Posts and Gated Tracks.
  • FIX: Fixed the Rail recycling recipe to match the new Track costs.
  • API: Removed all the Signal Block stuff from the API, its not needed in there and needed to be rewritten anyway. No one was actually using that stuff right?
  • API: Some minor non-breaking additions to SignalAspect. Update at leisure.
  • API: Added a new function to the BlastFurnaceCrafting interface. This should be a non-breaking change, it will just log any errors and refuse to add the new recycling recipes. Update at leisure.

Series 6.15

Version - (02-9-13)

  • NEW: Improved CraftGuide support for Rock Crusher and Coke Oven.
  • CHANGE: Tank Detector reworked to be more flexible.
  • CHANGE: Relayer and Undercutter now use Phantom Slots for the pattern.
  • CHANGE: Switched file from a zip to a jar.
  • FIX: Completely rewrote the shift-click code to be generic enough to handle all inventories and hopefully prevent future dupe bugs. (fixes Rolling Machine dupe bug)
  • FIX: Fixed bug with Disposal Tracks and Player entities.
  • FIX: Fixed block sounds.
  • FIX: Added ISidedInventory support to the Hobbyist Engine.
  • FIX: Fixed Switch Motors not being powered by redstone from below.
  • FIX: Hobbyist Engine no longer vents Steam when not burning.
  • LANG: Various language updates, adds pl_PL.

Version - (02-3-13)

  • INFO: Updated the UE API again.
  • CHANGE: Doubled the output of all Track recipes.
  • FIX: Fixed Rolling Machine shift-clicking.
  • FIX: Removed the UE API version check, caused more harm than good.
  • FIX: Fixed Custom Damage Sources not setting the source entity and prohibited Locomotive collision damage from applying to anything with 100 HP or greater.
  • LANG: Updates to it_IT, and nl_NL.

Version - (02-1-13)

  • NEW: Added ability to adjust a Locomotive's Speed.
  • NEW: Added Limiter Track for controlling Locomotive Speed.
  • NEW: Added Whistle Tuner item for adjusting a Locomotive's Whistle.
  • CHANGE: Boosted Locomotive force.
  • CHANGE: Locomotive Detector now accepts vanilla Dyes in addition to Wool for specifying the color.
  • FIX: Various tweaks to High Speed Tracks and Cart Linking to improve using Locomotives and Trains on HS Track.
  • FIX: Various tweaks to Elevator Tracks and Cart Linking to improve the ability for Trains to use Elevators. Its not perfect, but its better.
  • FIX: Fixed derpyness of World Anchors when a certain (unusual) combination of config settings is set.
  • FIX: Iceman Backpack no longer eats infinite Snowballs when full.
  • FIX: Converted sounds to mono-44100Hz Ogg files, hopefully that fixes issues some people are having with sounds.
  • FIX: Reinforced Switches and Junctions now have explosion resistance like they should.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with East-West High Speed Tracks.
  • LANG: Various translation updates.

Version - (01-30-13)

  • INFO: Updated to Forge (required).
  • INFO: Updated UniversalElectricity API.
  • INFO: Two new block ids were required for the Saltpeter Ore Spawner block and the new Walls.
  • NEW: Steam Locomotives!
  • NEW: Added Train version of the Lockdown Track.
  • NEW: Broke down and added a Creative Tab. *rages at Sengir for abandoning the faith*
  • NEW: Villager Detectors should now work with custom Villagers.
  • NEW: Added Locomotive Detector, put Wool in the Slots to represent colors.
  • NEW: Added custom death messages for the Tunnel Bore damage.
  • NEW: Added custom Walls: Sandy, Infernal, Concrete, Obsidian, Nether Brick, Brick, Stone Brick (all variants), Sandstone (all variants), Snow, and Ice.
  • NEW: Added Locomotive Track, will set a passing Locomotive's current mode. Whack it with a Crowbar to change modes.
  • NEW: Added Whistle Track, texture modeled after an Irish Whistle Post.
  • NEW: Added Iceman's Backpack, it can pick up and compress Snowballs into blocks and it can also be used to (re)supply you with a steady stream of Snowballs.
  • CHANGE: Steam Engines no longer explode when their energy bar fills up, instead they “blow a valve” and get stuck until someone whacks them with a wrench/crowbar.
  • CHANGE: Saltpeter world gen was completely rewritten.
  • * Saltpeter now spawns in any hot and arid sandy biome.
  • * It spawns one layer beneath the surface in large uncommon clusters (aka Caliche).
  • * Saltpeter clusters will regenerate over time, provided there is still sand at the surface.
  • CHANGE: Saltpeter → Fertilizer recipe now requires 2 Dirt and 2 Sand.
  • CHANGE: Rebalanced Hobbyist Engines slightly, increase fuel usage per conversion from 6.4 to 8 and reduced the Steam/Water Tanks to 4 Bucket capacities.
  • CHANGE: Water Tanks have positive pressure.
  • CHANGE: High Speed Explosions are now more impressive and spread flames. I can do this because I'm fairly confident that I finally fixed all of the bugs with HS Track.
  • CHANGE: Ice/Snow Walls are now added to the Iceman's Backpack instead of the Builder's Backpack.
  • CHANGE: Engineer's Overalls now provide some protection from getting hit by a Locomotive.
  • CHANGE: Changed Infernal Brick recipe to be similar to Sandy Brick. Reduces the Soul Sand cost by a 1/5th.
  • FIX: Creosote Cells are actually registered now.
  • FIX: Completely scrapped the unreliable methods of detecting sudden stops at High Speed in favor of marking tracks as “safe” or “not safe”.
  • * Safe tracks are HS straight tracks that are connected to other HS Tracks on both ends. This can include unswitched Turnout Switches, but Wye Switches are never “safe”.
  • * Carts will explode if they are moving at HS and encounter a “not safe” track.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug in the collision code that could result in random HS Explosions of Trains immediately following a chunk load.
  • FIX: Link drag is only applied if the Locomotive Module is active.
  • FIX: Replaced all server side markBlockForUpdate() calls with a custom packet sender, should help reduce chunk updates that need to be sent.
  • FIX: Discovered and fixed a misconception related to explosion resistance that caused most blocks to have massively better resistance than intended.
  • FIX: The Trackman's Backpack will no longer pick up everything.
  • FIX: Liquid Loaders once again obey the Top Off mode.
  • LANG: Added Chinese Translation by crafteverywhere.
  • API: Added a new function (clearPairings()) to AbstractPair in order to fix a minor bug with the Tuning Aura.
  • API: The network changes required some changes to the Track API.

Series 6.14

Version - (01-10-13)

  • NEW: Added Trackman's Backpack, for holding all your Track/Minecart related stuff. Only available if Forestry is installed. Big thanks to Sengir for the API.
  • NEW: Added Engineer's Overalls. Texture provided courtesy of the user, 'Foreplaying'.
  • NEW: Added Villager Detector. *Railcraft Inc. does not condone the enslavement of Villagers for breeding and/or other nefarious purposes.
  • NOTE: The Villager Detector currently only works with vanilla Villagers, mod added Villagers will be supported in a later update.
  • NEW: Added a means to make Steel if the Blast Furnace is disabled. You need to break an Iron Ingot into Iron Nuggets and cook those in a Furnace to get Steel Nuggets.
  • NEW: Added Creosote Cell (IC2 container).
  • NEW: Explicitly defined BC Facades for Infernal Brick, Sandy Brick, Steel Blocks, and Concrete Blocks.
  • CHANGE: Advanced Detector redesigned, it now has filter slots that you can put specific minecarts in.
  • CHANGE: Coal made from UU-Matter can no longer be used in Coke Ovens.
  • CHANGE: World Anchors loading fewer than 9 chunks, because they are paired with a Sentinel, now use less fuel.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked Sandy Brick to Coke Oven Brick recipe, it should now have the same cost as directly crafting Coke Oven Brick.
  • CHANGE: Controller Boxes can now send the OFF aspect.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug in the Pairing network code that broke the Tuning Aura for addons.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug with RP Liquid Pipes and Liquid Fueled Boilers.

Series 6.13

Version - (01-02-13)

  • FIX: Fixed a crash if Personal Anchors and World Anchor don't have the same refuel setting.
  • FIX: Disabled Machines will now delete themselves from the world.

Version - (01-01-13)

  • INFO: Updated Forestry API.
  • NEW: Added Personal Anchors, these World Anchors only keep chunks loaded if the owner is currently playing. Note: These Anchors do not force load chunks on world load, they only keep already loaded chunks loaded.
  • NEW: Applying a redstone signal to World Anchors will now shut them off. Just don't expect to be able to turn them back on again without being nearby. No fuel is used while off.
  • NEW: Added config to disable Anchor crafting recipes, while still leaving the blocks available to Creative.
  • NEW: Added config to print Anchor locations to the log on world load.
  • NEW: Added Sandy Brick, decorative version of Coke Oven Brick.
  • CHANGE: Updated loot chest code, added Armor as loot, redistributed loot more logically (minecart stuff in mineshafts, tools at a blacksmith, armor in temples, etc…).
  • CHANGE: Rewrote the Recipe config section of the config file to use subcats and be more consistent. If you used non-default recipe settings, you will need to change them again.
  • FIX: Fixed another Rolling Machine dupe bug cause by machines/tubes that don't implement ISpecialInventory.
  • FIX: Tank Cart renderer now properly performs multi-layer rendering when rendering Container Items on the side.
  • FIX: Items dropped when a Railcraft Machine drops its contents on break are no longer stripped of any NBT data.
  • FIX: Train Dispensers now work better with Anchor Carts.
  • API: Reworked the Controller/Receiver API a bit to make it easier for addons to do many-to-many pairing (there were some minor issues still). Will break anything that includes the Signal Package again. =/

Series 6.12

Version - (12-24-12)

  • INFO: Updated Forestry API.
  • FIX: World Anchors should work properly now when the fuel req is disabled.

Version - (12-23-12)

  • CHANGE: Readded old Post transition code for all those people still on 1.2.5.

Version - (12-22-12)

  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.4.6
  • INFO: Updated IC2 api.
  • NEW: Steel Armor should work with IC2 Magnetic Poles.
  • CHANGE: Removed old Post transition code that updated old (pre 6.2) worlds to the new Post code.
  • API: Entirely new Crowbar interface, shouldn't break any old APIs.

Series 6.11

Version - (12-18-12)

  • FIX: Added missing recipe for Lockdown Track.

Version - (12-18-12)

  • INFO: Updated the IC2 api.
  • NEW: World Anchors and Anchor Carts now require Ender Pearls to fuel their operation (configurable). One Ender Pearl will by default last for 6 hours. Anchor Carts retain their fuel values when broken.
  • NEW: Added Trackman's Goggles, these goggles when worn allow you see various auras. You can cycle through the Auras by right clicking with them in your hand.
  • NEW: Added Tuning Aura that shows Controller/Receiver Pairs.
  • NEW: Added Lockdown Track, similar to the Boarding and Holding Tracks, it will grab and hold onto a cart when powered, the difference being that it will not boost carts when it releases them.
  • NEW: You can now define block ranges when setting up the Bore config.
  • CHANGE: Aura Hotkeys removed by default, but if you disable the Goggles (id==0 in the config), you will still be able to use the hotkeys to activate the auras.
  • CHANGE: Doubled Turbine input/output values. You now need 8 Gold Pipes to max a single Turbine. I suggest just building them next to a Boiler though.
  • CHANGE: Doubled base Boiler fuel usage (3.2 → 6.4), increased efficiency bonus per tank to 0.08, doubled liquid fuel values. Basically a nerf to solid fuel.
  • CHANGE: Reduced chance that the Turbine Rotor will take damage. Extending life to ~60 hours at max output.
  • FIX: Rewrote the Multi-Block packet to send fewer bytes per packet.
  • FIX: UE integration may be fixed (untested).
  • FIX: World Anchors should move correctly with RP Frames now.
  • FIX: Fixed a dupe bug with the Rolling Machine when used with pipes.
  • FIX: Updated some of the newer MC blocks on the Bore whitelist.
  • FIX: Trains and Launcher Tracks now get along better.
  • FIX: Fixed the Ore block item renderer.
  • FIX: Fixed a lighting bug with Engines.
  • LANG: Localized Tuner and Surveyor messages and improved Mag Glass and Anchor pairing messages. These will need to be re-translated.
  • API: Surveyors and Tuners now use item NBT to store pairing information so I ditched a bunch of code in ISignalTools.
  • API: Complete redesign of the Controller/Receiver API. Now supports many to many pairing and is much simpler. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE EXISTING RC BLOCK BEHAVIOR, ONLY THE API! Existing worlds should be able to convert to the new system without breaking any pairings.

Series 6.10

Version - (12-06-12)

  • NEW: Gift Cart, a Christmas themed cart available only in December and January.
  • NEW: Added a new config option that controls whether carts are solid and heavy (Railcraft behavior) or ghostly and light (vanilla behavior).
  • NEW: Added Iron Armor/Tools + Crowbar to Blast Furnace recipes.
  • CHANGE: Reorganized config file a bit, should NOT affect Block/Item IDs, but it will affect general tweaks and sub-blocks. If you use any non-default settings you'll want to double check things.
  • CHANGE: Separated Liquid textures from Container textures. The should help prevent lag with HD texture packs.
  • CHANGE: Boiler efficiency bonus per tank reduced from 0.04 to 0.03, resulting in ~20% increase in fuel usage of a 36 LP boiler.
  • FIX: The amount of light that machine blocks pass through is now more logical.
  • FIX: Hobbyist Engine now remembers current fuel usage on chunk unload.
  • FIX: Fixed Anchor Cart aura in SMP.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue with Anchor Carts that could result in them not working unless you followed a specific sequence of actions.
  • FIX: Fixed a possible crash in the Boiler GUI.

Series 6.9

Version - (12-02-12)

  • FIX: Fixed a crash when breaking Minecarts.

Version - (12-01-12)

  • NEW: Added a number of alternative sources of iron to the Blast Furnace. (Iron Plates, LP Boiler Tanks, Iron Tanks, Commercial Steam Engines, etc…)
  • CHANGE: Moved some texture files around, I apologize texture packs. GUIs into “gui” folder, cart/bore into “carts”.
  • CHANGE: Creative Inventory → Moved machines out of Decorative Tab to Redstone Tab.
  • CHANGE: Steam Turbine recipe now produces 3 blocks instead of 2.
  • CHANGE: Reduced damage Crowbar takes when smacking minecarts. 5 → 3
  • CHANGE: Changed Plate recipes AGAIN (yep, I failed to realize it now conflicts with the Block → Ingot recipe). Its now 4 ingots = 3 plates.
  • FIX: Fixed a potential crash in the Iron Tank renderer.
  • FIX: Fixed a potential crash in the Tank Cart item render (was passing the wrong itemstack to a function).
  • FIX: Fixed Liquid Boiler wasting small packets of fuel.
  • FIX: Ridding in Trains at High Speed should be safer.

Version - (11-28-12)

  • INFO: Updated to Forge
  • NEW: Solid Fueled Boiler will pull fuel from adjacent inventories.
  • CHANGE: Tank Cart items now use NBT tags for filter information instead of metadata. You may delete “liquid_filters.cfg” from your config folder if you wish. It is no longer needed.
  • CHANGE: Plate recipes changed to require 1 Iron/Steel Block in order to reduce recipe conflicts if the Rolling Machine is disabled.
  • CHANGE: Added Minecraft version to filename.
  • FIX: Moved Chunkloader registration to the correct module.
  • FIX: Feed Station will no longer instantly consume all the Feed in an adjacent chest.
  • FIX: Fixed model updating issue with Switch Lever/Motor.
  • FIX: Fixed Lava fuel value and reduced to 1000.
  • FIX: Clicking on a Liquid Boiler with a bucket now works correctly.
  • FIX: Rolling Machine recipes are now correctly dumped to the Workbench if the Factory Module is disabled.
  • FIX: Converted a few Steel Ingot recipes that were missed to Ore Dictionary recipes.
  • API: Added getTile() function to ITrackInstance. No one is using (and should not be packaging) that part of the API anyway.

Series 6.8

Version - (11-18-12)

  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.4.4-1.4.6?
  • INFO: Migrated Liquid code to the new Forge API. Bonus, now supporting Redpower liquid pipes.
  • INFO: Updated Buildcraft API.
  • INFO: Updated Universal Electricity API.
  • NEW: Added Steel Armor.
  • NEW: Added a config option to allow you to use Steel in Refined Iron recipes.
  • NEW: Added Temperature and Maintenance Triggers for Buildcraft Gates.
  • FIX: All recipes using wood or dyes are Ore Dictionary aware.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug with the Coke Oven that would allow you to turn Logs into Coal Coke.
  • FIX: Steel Tools/Armor can now be repaired with Steel Ingots at an Anvil.
  • FIX: Fixed some minor crafting/display issues with Metal Posts discovered while playing with CraftGuide.
  • FIX: Hobby Engine no longer burns fuel regardless of whether its powered by Redstone.
  • FIX: Structure blocks will tell the master when they are being unloaded now, instead of putting the structure into a faulty state.
  • FIX: Client no longer crashes on startup if Tracks are disabled.
  • FIX: Liquid Boilers can now use fuel in smaller than 1000 increments (emptying the tank basically). This should allow you to pump multiple types of fuel into one Boiler.
  • FIX: Energy Loader GUI buttons should work better now.
  • FIX: Fixed a crash when Turbine Rotors break.
  • FIX: Fixed sounds for some blocks.
  • FIX: May have fixed an Iron Tank reset bug involving pipes and valve blocks in specific locations.
  • FIX: Can't shift-click into Item Unloaders anymore.
  • FIX: Anchors won't spam the logs anymore when there are no chunkloader tickets left.
  • FIX: All recipes that use Blocks of Steel are Ore Dictionary aware. Block of Steel registered in the Ore Dictionary.
  • FIX: Ridden minecarts should no longer move 25% slower, it was doing weird things to the linking code.
  • FIX: You can no longer make “valid” boilers using non-matching types of Fireboxes. This should fix a world breaking bug.
  • FIX: Fixed the Feed Station's ability to breed Chickens.
  • API: Removed BallastRegistery from the API, replaced with FML InterModComms. Syntax “ballast:blockID@metadata”.
  • API: Added InterModComms for Boiler Liquid Fuel (FuelManager was NOT removed though). Syntax “boiler-fuel-liquid:liquidName@heatPerBucket”.
  • API: Replaced EnumItemType with the interface IItemType, removing the actual implementation from the API. Fixing the Feed Station required changing EnumItemType, this is the better solution.

Series 6.7

Version - (10-26-12)

  • INFO: Updated Universal Electricity API.
  • NEW: Added the Liquid Fueled Firebox for the Boiler.
  • NEW: Added Seasonal Module.
  • NEW: Added the Pumpkin Cart for Halloween fun! Similar to the TNT Cart, but each explosion gives you a trick and a treat! Only craftable in Oct-Nov. Recipe = 3 Gunpowder + 5 Wood Slabs + 1 Pumpkin
  • WARNING: The Pumpkin Cart may cause death and/or destruction of property as well as general chaos.
  • NEW: ExtraBiomesXL logs should now work in the Coke Oven.
  • CHANGE: Doubled the chance that the Turbine Rotor will take damage. Should last about 41 hrs at 100% output.
  • CHANGE: Turbine recipe now makes 2 blocks.
  • CHANGE: Turbine IC2 output decreased to 50 EU/t.
  • CHANGE: Turbine Universal Electricity output increased to 50 Kilowatts.
  • CHANGE: Creosote can no longer be burned in Biogass Engines, but it can be burned in a Boiler. Its not very effective though.
  • FIX: Fixed Wooden and Speed Wye Tracks.
  • FIX: Fixed Energy Unloader log spam.
  • FIX: Crushed Obsidian now renders when falling again.
  • API: Added the FuelManager to the API.

Series 6.6

Version - (10-25-12)

  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.4.2
  • CHANGE: Feed Station recipe now uses Golden Carrots and only produces 1 Feed Station.
  • API: Rolling Machine crafting changed slightly to reflect the changes to IRecipe.

Series 6.5

Version - (10-23-12)

  • NEW: Added Commercial and Industrial Steam Engines.
  • NEW: Added Steam Boilers.
  • NEW: Added Steam Turbine, takes steam as input and outputs IC2 or Universal-Electricity power. Built in the same pattern as a Rock Crusher.
  • CHANGE: Machine textures moved to their own texture file. Will break any texture packs.
  • CHANGE: Adv. Item Loader/Unloader recipes no longer require an Ender Pearl, they instead require a Steel Shovel in its place.
  • CHANGE: Blast Furnace process time quadrupled (1280 ticks per ingot), fuel per ingot remains the same.
  • CHANGE: Animals bred by the Feed Station now require a certain amount of space to breed and will despawn if too many animals are packed into one area. Should prevent out of control animal farms.
  • CHANGE: Coal Coke now provides 6,400 fuel. Coal now provides 3,200 fuel in all Railcraft Machines (does not affect Coke Oven). Charcoal remains at 1600 fuel.
  • CHANGE: Lava Bucket fuel value reduced in all Railcraft Machines: 20,000 → 2,000
  • CHANGE: Hobbyist Steam Engine significantly buffed.
  • CHANGE: New recipe for the Feed Station. 4 Gold Nugget Apples (to be replaced with Golden Carrots) + 1 Steel Plate + 4 Planks = 1 Feed Station
  • FIX: IC2 Painters now work on basic Metal Posts again.
  • FIX: Fixed a liquid dupe bug with GUIs.
  • FIX: Fixed multi-blocks structures wonkyness in regards to neighbor block updates.
  • FIX: It no longer matters what config setting the client has for max tank size when connecting to a server. Should prevent crashes and other strangeness.
  • FIX: Fixed a potential tank reset bug.
  • FIX: Rewrote High Speed slope interaction code, should result in fewer random explosions.
  • API: Added IExplosiveCart interface to allow carts from other mod to interact with the Priming Track.

Series 6.4

Version - (10-07-12)

  • FIX: Fixes a nasty world breaking crash with Receiver Boxes.

Version - (10-06-12)

  • NEW: Added Anchor Sentinels, they can be paired to World Anchors using the Crowbar to load up to 9 chunks in a straight line.
  • NEW: 9×9 Iron Tanks are now an option in the config. Some additional improvements to updates and performance where also made. Also, stacking can be disabled.
  • NEW: Added ru_RU translation, thanks to AskaRa
  • CHANGE: Linkage system now uses Forge's persistent entity id system, should be more robust, but it will unfortunately break all existing links.
  • FIX: Fixed Anchor Cart chunkloading, seems to work like a charm now.
  • FIX: Fixed SMP only Effect related crashes with the Embarking Track and World Anchor.
  • FIX: Fixed Buildcraft Item Pipes disconnecting from Multi-Block Structures.

Series 6.3

Version - (09-29-12)

  • INFO: Requires Forge
  • INFO: Updated CraftGuide API, Rolling Machine recipes should now be available whenever the next version of CraftGuide is released.
  • NEW: World Anchors and Anchor Carts have returned! Recipe modified slightly. Aura is now F9, and much improved.
  • CHANGE: Improved config files with more comments and cleaner look.
  • FIX: Rolling Machine will now drop items in the crafting grid when broken.
  • FIX: Rock Crusher and Rolling Machine GUIs won't crash anymore when there is no Buildcraft Power Framework installed.
  • FIX: Fixed Steel Block recipe.
  • FIX: Fixed Signal block drops and pick block.
  • FIX: Fixed load order mod ids, might help fix some issues with other mods.
  • FIX: Fixed Loaders not sending the cart when it should.
  • FIX: Fixed Inventory updates in some GUIs.
  • FIX: Crushed Obsidian shouldn't appear half a block too high when falling anymore.

Series 6.2

Version - (09-23-12)

  • NEW: Added Wye Switches.
  • NEW: Added Magnifying Glass, an item that can tell you who placed any Cart or any Railcraft Track or Railcraft Machine. Recipe = Stick + Glass Pane
  • NEW: Right clicking a cart with a Crowbar will now smack the cart and give it some momentum. Linking is now shift-right click.
  • NEW: TNT Carts are now made out of wood: 5 Plank Slabs + TNT = TNT Cart
  • CHANGE: Posts moved to separate block id from Signals. Existing Posts in world will auto-convert. Used two new block ids. Reasons for the change: performance, networking, maintenance, creative tabs.
  • CHANGE: Signals moved to Transport Tab.
  • CHANGE: New texture and effects for the Embarking Track.
  • CHANGE: Holding a Crowbar will protect you from Embarking Tracks.
  • CHANGE: Disposal Track no longer tries to put the entity on a block.
  • CHANGE: Some minor AI tweaks to bred animals (sitting more often etc…).
  • CHANGE: Cart Dispenser can now hold 9 carts instead of 3.
  • FIX: Language files are now correctly loaded in UTF-8 like they are supposed to be (fixes odd text in pt_BR and pt_PT).
  • FIX: Unknown languages will default to English.
  • FIX: Fixed some issues with Tank Cart Filters.
  • FIX: Update check now runs in a separate thread and doesn't delay startup.
  • FIX: Item Loaders/Unloaders now properly count ALL stacks of an item type in the filter, instead of just one.
  • FIX: Gunpowder and Fertilizer recipes are now Ore Dictionary aware.
  • FIX: Blast Furnace ISpecialInventory.addItem() now obeys the doAdd param. Fixes an item dupe bug.
  • FIX: Added config check for a few sounds that were missing it.
  • API: Added a function to TrackSpec to create a Track Item.
  • API: Reworked Switch Track API to be more flexible.

Series 6.1

Version - (09-17-12)

  • INFO: Updated IC2 API.
  • NEW: Added Embarking Track, it loads a nearby entity into a passing cart. Recipe: 6 Adv. Rails, 2 Enderpearls, Wooden Railbed.
  • NEW: Crowbar works as a Buildcraft Wrench.
  • CHANGE: Feed Station can now breed most any breedable animal. Feed usage greatly reduced, wasteful feeding eliminated. Fed animals produce larger litters, and age faster.
  • CHANGE: Filter slots limited to 127 stacksize. Not ideal, but it will fix SMP issues for now.
  • CHANGE: Some tweaks to the Post renderer: Improved interaction with Gated Track and Tracks in general, and will connect to most solid blocks except stone, dirt, gravel, sand, etc…
  • CHANGE: Minor boost increase to Control Tracks.
  • FIX: Pick Block now works on Tracks and Metal Posts.
  • FIX: Improved Redstone interaction of the Controller Box and Switch Motor.
  • FIX: Fixed a potential crash with the Coke Oven, Iron Tank, and Water Tank GUIs.
  • FIX: Fixed a crash with Energy Loaders (was not an API issue).
  • FIX: Fixed potential crash in liquid renderer.

Version - (09-14-12)

  • NEW: The game will now inform you when a new version has been released. (Config Option)
  • NEW: Furnace Cart accepts any kind of fuel.
  • NEW: Ores now render the ore texture over top of the current stone texture. This should make it fit in better with texture packs that don't provide railcraft specific textures.
  • NEW: More detailed initialization logs.
  • NEW: Performance improvements for the Water Tank liquid output routine.
  • NEW: Added pt_BR translation.
  • CHANGE: Reduced process time on Wooden Tie's Carpenter recipe: 200 → 40.
  • FIX: Growth detectors now work on any Ageable entity.
  • FIX: Fixed issues with GUI Gauges (Liquid, Heat, Energy, etc…) not updating properly.
  • FIX: Pipes shouldn't disconnect from Structures anymore (yep, it was my bad).
  • FIX: Client side structures should now request updates from the server if the initial update failed due to unloaded chunks.
  • FIX: Tweaked minecart collisions again, should fix putting animals in carts.
  • FIX: Added sanity checks for various GUI stuff that is crashing randomly.
  • FIX: Fixed placement of Metal Posts at y=128.
  • FIX: Fixed Item Loader/Unloader Excess mode to actually move unfiltered items.
  • FIX: Fixed IC2 detection.

Version - (09-08-12)

  • NEW: Added Directional Detector Track.
  • NEW: Added Disposal Track, a suspended version of the Disembarking Track.
  • CHANGE: Rewrote language system to use java Properties files. Default language files are in the jar (“railcraft/common/lang”). Custom language files go in “config/railcraft/lang”.
  • FIX: Fixed crash when using a language for which there is no translation.
  • FIX: Fixed GUI liquid gauge crash when a non-existent liquid is rendered.
  • FIX: Added a validation check to the tile entity packet handler to prevent crashing when teleporting.
  • FIX: Fixed placement of Suspended Tracks.
  • API: Some adjustments to the Track api were required to fix the Suspended Tracks.

Series 6.0

Version - (09-06-12)

  • NEW: Updated to 1.3.2.
  • NEW: Updated Buildcraft and Forestry APIs. Any liquids in tanks will be lost, bottle them before updating (this only applies to 5.4.7 worlds).
  • NEW: Added Iron Tank, a large multi-block structure for storing any kind of liquid. Comes in various configurations and sizes.
  • NEW: Added Buffer Stop Track (you all can stop pestering me now =P)
  • NEW: Rolling Machine now requires power (5 MJ) to operate and “should” be compatible with RP2, Logistics, etc…
  • NEW: Liquid Containers can be filled via right-click on tanks, etc…
  • NEW: Added various Buildcraft Gate Triggers.
  • NEW: Secret Project: Angry Tea Kettle is Live! Well the first tier is, two more tiers planned but largely unimplemented.
  • NEW: Rock Crusher got an Energy gauge. If it is green, the Crusher is operating at full speed (assuming you have BC, Forestry, or the Energy Module installed).
  • NEW: Sulfur and Saltpeter, in the hills yellow and hot, and in the darkness beneath the parched sky.
  • HINT: 2 W + 1 Y + 1 B = 2 G
  • NEW: Added Steel Tools.
  • NEW: Added Forestry Carpenter Recipe for Wooden Ties, costs 3/4 of a bucket of Creosote Oil and takes 20 seconds.
  • NEW: Added IC2 rubber wood as valid Coke Oven input.
  • NEW: Item Loader/Unloader GUI now has Cart Filters and got a complete overhaul. Current modes replaced with Transfer, Stock, and Excess.
  • NEW: All filter slots in GUIs no longer consume items.
  • NEW: Mobs can't spawn on Posts or Crushed Obsidian. And Enderman can no longer move Gravel.
  • NEW: Added Portuguese (pt_PT) translations, provided by xXxN4BxXx.
  • CHANGE: Removed World Anchor recipe since they are non-functional anyway.
  • CHANGE: Default block ids moved to the 450-475 range. Should prevent conflicts with Forestry out of the box. Let me know if any issues are found. Sulfur in the desert for example would be an issue.
  • CHANGE: Removed last global entity id reference, will cause all existing carts to disappear from the world. Break them first if you wish to save them. You have been warned.
  • CHANGE: Storage Detector replaced by Item Detector, new GUI.
  • CHANGE: Tank Cart recipe now requires an Iron Tank Gauge.
  • CHANGE: Bore is now faster but uses more fuel.
  • CHANGE: Wooden Track now require Wooden Rails, made in the Rolling Machine with 3 Wooden Ties and 3 Standard Rails.
  • CHANGE: Launcher Track is now considered Reinforced Track and the recipe has been changed to Reinforced Rails, Steel Blocks and Stone Railbeds.
  • CHANGE: Priming Track is now considered Reinforced Track and the recipe has been changed to Reinforced Rails and Stone Railbeds.
  • CHANGE: Elevator Track now requires 6 Adv. Rails, 1 Standard Rail, and 2 Redstone.
  • API: Complete redesign. Removed all classes that aren't absolutely necessary. Spit the remainder into isolated sub-packages.
  • WARNING: Could possibly break old worlds, there were no glaring issues while testing, but that is no guarantee. Make backups.

Series 5.4

Version 5.4.7b - (07-22-12)

  • INFO: This is client-only repackage that changed only the two bugged GUI files and is not a full release. The server did not change.
  • FIX: Fixed Launcher Track and Priming Track GUIs not working in SMP.

Version 5.4.7 - (07-16-12)

  • CHANGE: Liquid Loaders can now extract liquids from tanks without needing Wooden Pipes.
  • CHANGE: Basic cart drag is now adjusted by default.
  • FIX: Fixed another issue with network updates in SMP.
  • FIX: Undercutter now drops correct items for blocks with metadata.
  • FIX: Railcraft no longer doubles IC2 metal dusts.
  • FIX: Breaking animation now renders correctly on tracks in SMP.

Version 5.4.6 - (07-15-12)

  • CHANGE: Default name of Banded Planks changed to Water Tank Siding. You must delete “languages.cfg” to see the change.
  • FIX: Fixed a crash if you manage to put an invalid item in the Coke Oven input slot using pipes or tubes.
  • FIX: Fixed a crash with the Tank Detector.
  • FIX: Tracks now update correctly on SMP.

Version 5.4.5 - (07-14-12)

  • FIX: Fixed a GUI crash with the Item Loaders.
  • FIX: Tweaked some of the energy code to prevent crashes due to out of data APIs.

Version 5.4.4 - (07-14-12)

  • NEW: Added Smoothstone Recipe to the Rock Crusher.
  • CHANGE: Modified the implementation of ISidedInventory on the Coke Oven. Coal or Wood goes in the top, empty Containers in the bottom, and all output out the sides.
  • CHANGE: Modified the implementation of ISidedInventory on the Liquid Loader. Input from the top, output on the sides.
  • CHANGE: Transformer Upgrades additionally allow the Energy Loader/Unloader to charge higher tier items.
  • CHANGE: Energy Loader/Unloader now needs a Transformer Upgrade to charge the MFSU Cart.
  • FIX: Fixed Client crash related to Tank Carts.
  • FIX: Shift-click in the Coke Oven now puts things in the correct slots.
  • FIX: Tweaked language code to hopefully prevent crashing.
  • API: Fixed RailcraftCraftingManager reflection calls.

Version 5.4.3 - (07-13-12)

  • FIX: Gated Tracks once again connect to fences.
  • FIX: Track Relayer can now be pushed.
  • FIX: Track Relayer now properly sets track direction.
  • FIX: Replaced all calls to EnumItemType.LIQUID with internal calls to the LiquidManager, should reduce crashes due to outdated APIs.

Version 5.4.2 - (07-13-12)

  • FIX: Added server load order definition and added IC2 to load order for both client/server.
  • FIX: Fixed shift-clicking on the Rock Crusher.

Version 5.4.1 - (07-13-12)

  • NEW: Added Reinforced Switch Track.
  • FIX: Added missing recipes for Reinforced Booster Track and Reinforced Junction Track.

Version 5.4.0 - (07-12-12)

  • NEW: Reinforced Track, a new flexible track with a high explosion resistance that makes it ideal for building rail lines in the Nether. Also has a 25% higher top speed without the risks of High Speed Track. Also Booster, Switch, and Junction versions added. Made with Obsidian Dust which you get from crushing Obsidian in the Rock Crusher.
  • NEW: Rock Crusher, a 3x2x2 multi-block machine that will process various materials. If Buildcraft 3.x is installed it must be powered by an engine (uses 15 MJ per tick max while running).
  • NEW: Crushed Obsidian, a ballast material made from crushing Obsidian. Has a high explosion resistance and is affected by gravity.
  • NEW: Added Track Relayer, a cart that will replace one type of track with another as it passes over it. Works best when linked to a Chest Cart.
  • NEW: Added Undercutter, a cart that will replace the block under the track with a ballast material (gravel or crushed obsidian) as it passes over it. Works best when linked to a Chest Cart.
  • CHANGE: Creosote Oil is now treated as a liquid and can be piped around with Buildcraft Pipes. Additionally it can be burned in a Forestry Biogass Engine at 4 MJ for 15,000 ticks.
  • CHANGE: Coke Oven got a new GUI to reflect the fact that Creosote Oil is a liquid, it has an internal oil capacity of 64 buckets.
  • CHANGE: Revamp of the localization system. Now uses standard languages codes and no longer requires you to set the language in the railcraft config. Also allows dynamic language switching (no restart). Still waiting for translation contributions.
  • CHANGE: Liquid Loaders no longer accept empty liquid containers. Liquid Unloaders no longer accept filled liquid containers or piped in liquids. This prevents using them as a simple bucket filler block. There are other mods for that.
  • CHANGE: Liquid Loader internal capacity increased to 8 buckets because it was running dry while filling carts.
  • CHANGE: Rewrote how the Tank Cart items stored Liquid Filters, expect oddities with existing items. System is much more robust now though and any liquid container will work.
  • CHANGE: Moved Wooden Rails into Tracks-Wood Module and H.S. Tracks into Tracks-HighSpeed Module, added Tracks-Reinforced Module.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked Holding Tracks behavior while continuously powered.
  • CHANGE: Reduced launch force of Boarding/Holding Tracks again.
  • CHANGE: Track textures moved to their own file (“railcraft.png” was getting a little crowded). Going to need to update those texture packs.
  • FIX: Fixed some issues with the ISpecialInventory implementation on the Liquid Loaders.
  • FIX: Energy Loaders now implement ISidedInventory.
  • FIX: Tweaked Junction Tracks to hopefully eliminate track jumping.
  • FIX: Made an attempt at fixing some dupe exploits related to closing GUIs in SMP.
  • FIX: Major overhaul for the handling of liquid containers that should fix a number of bugs and exploits that were discovered while converting Creosote to a liquid.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug with the Crowbar that was causing entity interaction to terminate on the client in SMP. (No hearts, no milking, etc…)
  • FIX: Fixed a bug that was causing the alternative Creosote recipes to always be active. Also, Biogass Engine can only burn Creosote if the alternate recipes are not defined.
  • API: Added BallastRegistry to allow material other than gravel to used as fill in the Bore or Undercutter. Added Ballast as a possible EnumItemType.
  • API: Exposed the recipe managers to allow defining custom recipes for Railcraft machines. (Also, I broke the NEI plugin with this release.)
  • API: A major rewrite of internal code was done to expose the system used to pack infinite Tracks into a single block id. This should allow addon creators to easily add new Tracks with very little effort. There should be little effect on any mods currently using the API since the only classes that changed where mostly useless anyway.
  • API: LiquidTools has been removed and internalized, hope no one was using that. Interfacing with a several different APIs made it to difficult to maintain. It may return in the future.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Item names default to “en_US” on game start. You must change language each session to fix it. (Forge ModLoader bug)
  • KNOWN ISSUE: There is no sound in SMP, I'll worry about this when MC 1.3 is released.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: When attempting to fill an empty bucket from a cart or block that contains Forestry Seed Oil, Honey, or Juice it returns a filled can instead. This is a Forestry bug!
  • WARNING: Not tested with Buildcraft 2.x! If you experience any errors let me know.
  • WARNING: The Railcraft NEI plugin will crash your game!

Series 5.3

Version 5.3.3 - (06-23-12)

  • CHANGE: Bore block type mining checks are now disabled by default, can be enabled via config. Does not affect current installs, only new ones.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked recipes and behavior when useOldRecipes is true. Factory Module is now loaded. Affected recipes reduced to only Tracks, Rails, and Railbeds. H.S. Tracks recipes are now the same as the standard recipes except they use Steel instead of H.S. Rails and Stone Slabs instead of Stone Railbeds.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked Loaders so that they are slightly less picky about cart velocity while loading.
  • CHANGE: Posts now connect to Glowstone and Glowstone Lamps.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked Switch Auto-Spring-On-Diverging detection to hopefully reduce false positives.
  • FIX: Removed “forge” folder from the distro, should never have been included.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue with Chunk boundaries and the new Multi-Block code.
  • API: Added IMinable interface to allow mods direct control over whether a block is mineable by the Bore.
  • API: Added IPostConnection to allow blocks to specify if posts should connect to them.

Version 5.3.2 - (06-05-12)

  • FIX: Changed all Orientations.dirs() calls to Orientations.values() to facilitate compatibility with Buildcraft 2.x.

Version 5.3.1 - (06-05-12)

  • FIX: Crowbars take damage again when rotating things and opening GUIs.
  • FIX: Tweaked some code that was causing Steve's Carts to crash.

Version 5.3.0 - (06-05-12)

  • NEW: Added new Module, Transport. This module will contain everything related to moving items, liquids, and entities from one location to another. This module will include the new Engine that is planned for the future.
  • NEW: Added Water Tank, a 3x3x3 structure that generates water over time (amount based on biome and other factors). Place a Liquid Loader next to it to fill carts (no Buildcraft Pipes required, but pipes will work just as well).
  • NEW: Added Sheep Detector, filters sheep by shearability and wool color.
  • NEW: Added config option to adjust the drag of empty basic carts, disabled by default. May have introduced some bugs, especially in SMP, let me know it there are issues.
  • NEW: Added missing recipe to convert Blocks of Steel back into Steel Ingots.
  • NEW: Added a Steel minecart recipe that outputs two carts.
  • CHANGE: Buildcraft dependencies removed. In other words, you no longer need Buildcraft installed to build Tank Carts and Liquid Loaders. Recipes changed to no longer require Buildcraft Tanks.
  • CHANGE: Buildcraft Module merged into new Transport Module.
  • CHANGE: Item Loaders/Unloaders moved into Transport Module.
  • CHANGE: Liquid Unloader no longer requires a Wooden Waterproof Pipe and Redstone Engine to pump liquid out. Just connect any Waterproof Pipe or any other ILiquidContainer, ie Tanks.
  • CHANGE: Liquid Loader can now be placed two blocks above the tracks and still fill carts. Will not work with vanilla Powered Tracks below the Loader, you must use one of the Railcraft tracks.
  • CHANGE: Liquid Loader and Unloader got new GUIs and can now hold 4 buckets internally.
  • CHANGE: Tank Carts got a new texture not dependant on Buildcraft and a filling animation.
  • CHANGE: Tank Carts now have a built in filter system so that you can mark certain carts as accepting only certain liquids.
  • CHANGE: Tank Carts got a gui that allows you fill/empty buckets directly from the cart. (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN THE GUI WHILE HOLDING A FILLED BUCKET!!!)
  • CHANGE: Increased Tank Cart capacity from 14 buckets to 16 buckets.
  • CHANGE: Increased Tank Cart fill rate from 14 milli-buckets to 25 milli-buckets.
  • CHANGE: Tank Detector got an upgrade, it can now sort carts by empty. partially filled, and full.
  • CHANGE: Tweaked Item Loader/Unloader to better interface with ISpecialInventory + added the ability to interface with carts that implement ISpecialInventory. May have introduced bugs, not thoroughly tested.
  • CHANGE: Increased reset delay on Train Boarding/Holding Track to improve synergy with Trains & Zeppelins mod.
  • CHANGE: Minecart separation recipes outputs reversed (empty cart into the output slot, cart contents into the player inventory)
  • CHANGE: Multi-Block structures now only test for a valid structure when a change to a nearby block is detected. This means that there are absolutely no periodic updates to generate lag anymore and changes to the structure are more responsive. They still suffer from the general (if small) lag that all blocks with tile entities produce, but replacing all the Dirt in a test world (using MCEdit) with Coke Oven Brick resulted in ~10-20 fps and was still almost playable. You would likely see similar results if you replaced all the dirt in a world with Furnaces. If these results hold up, Infernal Brick will likely be merged with Blast Oven Brick in a future patch.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug that caused fill rate to be used as Tank Cart capacity (result was that the capacity has been 14 buckets for ages). -.-;
  • FIX: Anchor Aura now works with World Anchors in SMP.
  • WARNING: Removed all the old “Obsolete” versions of items. They will disappear from your world if you haven't already converted them to the new items.
  • API: Added ILiquidTransfer, minor extension of ILiquidContainer specifically for carts.
  • API: Added new versions of many of the InventoryTools functions that are better suited for dealing with ISidedInventory and ISpecialInventory.
  • API: Added new EnumItemType, BUCKET.
  • API: Liquid functions in GeneralTools moved to a new class called LiquidTools.
  • API: Removed ICrowbarTarget, all blocks now respond automatically to any item that implements ICrowbar. All that is required to give another tool all the functionality of the Crowbar is to make it implement ICrowbar.
  • WARNING: The changes in this version to the API will likely cause compatibility issues with other mods that use it until they are updated.

Series 5.2

Version 5.2.4 - (05-24-12)

  • NEW: Added a “Anchor Aura” that will rain purple sparkles in chunks loaded by the Anchors, toggled via F12.
  • NEW: Adv. Loaders/Unloaders can now face up/down.
  • FIX: The client no longer spams error message in SMP.
  • FIX: World Anchors are now correctly being registered on world load.

Version 5.2.3 - (05-22-12)

  • FIX: Fixed an issue that was causing Liquid Loaders to crash when used with the Buildcraft 3.x series.
  • NEW: Increased detail of save data error messages to help with debugging.

Version 5.2.2 - (05-21-12)

  • NEW: Anchors are now force loaded at game start. (config option, defaults to true)
  • NEW: Added Anchor debug messages. (config option)
  • FIX: Overhauled Anchor code, tests indicate that Anchor Carts are now working 100% in SMP.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug with the Junctions Tracks placing the wrong Track.
  • FIX: Changed Liquid Loaders to be able to load any Minecart that implements ILiquidContainer.
  • FIX: Improved Liquid and Energy Loaders interaction with Trains.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug that caused the Linkage code to bug out and corrupt itself if you change worlds without restarting the client.

Version 5.2.1 - (05-05-12)

  • FIX: Fixed Elevator Track name.
  • FIX: Fixed a dupe exploit with the Cart Dispenser.
  • FIX: Fixed a concurrent modification error in the Linkage code.
  • FIX: Fixed shift-clicking in Train Dispenser GUI.
  • FIX: Fixed Tank Cart rendering of some liquids.
  • FIX: Fixed a crash that occurs if you disable Detectors in the config.
  • FIX: Attempted to fix a possible ID Resolver crash.

Version 5.2.0 - (04-28-12)

  • NEW: New Module, Train. Moved all Train related items to it and disabled linking if its not enabled.
  • NEW: Added Train Dispenser, define a pattern, provide the carts and it spits it out and links them together.
  • NEW: Added Train Detector, checks size of trains. Useful for making trains pause over a stretch of Coupler Tracks until the train reaches a desired length.
  • NEW: Couple/Decouple Tracks now propagate power for easier chaining.
  • NEW: Added config option to disable Bore block type mining checks entirely.
  • NEW: Added burn indicator to the Tunnel Bore GUI.
  • NEW: Bore now requests Rails from linked Chestcarts.
  • FIX: Fixed Bore eating buckets when requesting Lava Buckets as fuel from linked carts.
  • FIX: Fixed a minor linkage bug that affected the Tunnel Bore.
  • FIX: Tweaked some of the linkage code that might have been causing issues when in an area loaded by Anchors.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue that caused Energy Carts to eat an infinite amount of power.
  • API: Added a new function to the IEnergyTransfer interface, canInjectEnergy().
  • API: Added optional IMinecartItem interface.

Series 5.1

Version 5.1.0 - (04-24-12)

  • NEW: Added a Train variant of both the Holding and Boarding Tracks. Difference being that they will stay powered until the entire train passes, rather than a single cart.
  • NEW: Added the ability to change the default aspect of a Controller Box via the GUI.
  • NEW: Blast Furnace will now have lava in the center while burning (anti-zombie measures).
  • FIX: Fixed hardness of Cube blocks.
  • FIX: Wooden Railbed name fixed. You will need to delete the tag “part.railbed.wood” in “language.cfg” to the see the change.
  • FIX: Can now add mineable blocks with ids greater than 256.
  • FIX: Fixed a potential issue with ID Resolver.
  • FIX: Attempted to fixed Tank Cart rendering in SMP. (untested)
  • API: Added Cart Linking interface, accessed via CartTools.getLinkageManager().
  • API: Added IEnergyTranfer interface for charging/discharging energy carts.
  • API: Tool classes made abstract since the functions are all static anyway.
  • API: ItemRegistry.getItem() made static (this was a bug), ItemRegistry will be made abstract in a future update.

Series 5.0

Version 5.0.3 - (04-16-12)

  • Fixed the output of the Blast Furnace Brick recipes 1→4

Version 5.0.2 - (04-16-12)

  • Fixed a NPE in the Blast Furnace pipe/loader interface.
  • Fixed a NPE in the new track placement code.

Version 5.0.1 - (04-16-12)

  • Fixed a crash in the Buildcraft/IC2 modules.

Version 5.0.0 - (04-16-12)

  • Updated to MC 1.2.5!
  • ModLoaderMp no long required.
  • Modified how items are stored for Tracks, Utility, and Structure blocks. Any Utility items will disappear from your world, place them before updating. Tracks and Structures will have the old items labeled as “Obsolete”. They should be used ASAP, they will be removed in a future version. This only affects inventory items, not blocks in the world. Does not affect Creosote/Coal Coke or similar items.
  • Removed obsolete Concrete Block items. If you haven't already converted them to the new item yet by placing and harvesting the block, do so before updating or they will disappear from your inventory.
  • For clarity Rail Blocks have been renamed Tracks, but you must delete “language.cfg” to see the changes.
  • Rail Parts have been renamed to Standard Rail, Advanced Rail, H.S. Rail. Any existing Gold-Plate Rails or Laminate Rails will disappear from your world.
  • Increased all rail part recipe outputs. Track recipe outputs reduced accordingly. Overall the metal costs should remain fairly similar, but the outputs are all factors of 64 now.
  • Standard Rail Iron Ingot recipes output increased 6→8, all Ore Dictionary recipes adjusted accordingly.
  • Track recipes output reduced 24→16.
  • Advanced Rails now require Redstone in addition to Standard Rails and Gold Ingots, output increased 6→8.
  • Control Tracks output increased 12→16.
  • Most tracks using recipes that required Advanced Rails had their output increased 4→8.
  • H.S. Rails now require Steel Ingots, Blaze Powder, and Gold Ingots, output increased 3→8.
  • H.S. Track recipe adjusted to require only one Stone Railbed instead of two, output reduced 40→16.
  • Track to H.S. Track conversion recipe removed due to the complexity of the new H.S. recipes.
  • Added Track x8 to Standard Rail x2 recipe, 33% loss.
  • Rebar recipe output reduced 6→4.
  • Metal Post recipe output reduced 21→16.
  • Stone Post recipe output increased 6→8.
  • Concrete Block recipe output increased 5→8.
  • Wood Post recipe output increased 3→4.
  • Added alternative Standard Rail recipe using Steel Ingots that produces 16 rails.
  • Added alternative Rebar recipe using Steel Ingots that produces 8 rebar.
  • Added alternative Metal Post recipe using Steel Ingots that produces 32 posts.
  • Tunnel Bore recipe now requires Blocks of Steel instead of Blocks of Iron.
  • Bore Head recipes now require Steel Ingots instead of Iron Ingots.
  • Added Steel Bore Head.
  • Tweaked dig speed modifiers of various Bore Heads.
  • Reworked Adv. Loader recipes, now uses Steel Ingots and only one Ender Pearl.
  • Item changes allowed the cleanup of the Creative Inventory. All block items now sorted logically.
  • API: Added ITrackItem interface and RailTools functions to simplify rail placement, added an ItemRegistry for accessing Railcraft items.

Series 4.3

Version 4.3.0 - (04-02-12)

  • Added Anchor Cart - Mobile version of the World Anchor.
  • Added Work Cart - A workbench on wheels.
  • Updated IC2 API.
  • Tweaked Holding and Boarding Rails to work better with Linked Carts. Reduced launch force significantly, among other changes.
  • Completely reworked Collision and Linking physics (is this the fourth time?).
  • Tweaked Loaders/Unloaders to work better with Linked Carts.
  • Reorganized “railcraft.cfg”. Entity IDs and Loot Chances reset to default and moved to new categories.

Series 4.2

Version 4.2.0 - (03-29-12)

  • Updated to MC 1.2.4
  • Added Localization
  • Fixed another bug with the World Anchor.
  • Rolling Machine will now grab items from adjacent chests and tweaked shift-clicking.
  • Fixed Link creation in SMP, but linked carts behave oddly.
  • “railcraft_modules.cfg” renamed to “modules.cfg”

Series 4.1

Version 4.1.4 - (03-25-12)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Coke Oven from functioning.

Version 4.1.3 - (03-24-12)

  • Fixed linking carts to the Bore.
  • Bore now passes trash items to linked chest carts and requests items from them as needed (fuel, gravel).
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing anchored chunks from updating blocks and tile entities, entities still bugged.
  • Fixed Cube block drops (World Anchor, Concrete Block)

Version 4.1.2 - (03-23-12)

  • Fixed a crash in the IC2 Module.

Version 4.1.1 - (03-22-12)

  • Fixed Cart GUIs.
  • Fixed possible NPE when interacting with carts.
  • Fixed several casting errors with the TNT Cart.

Version 4.1.0 - (03-22-12)

  • Fixed SMP
  • API - Experimental and largely undocumented.
  • Added basic cart linking - Mostly a novelty for the moment, don't expect to be able to use it for anything interesting yet. (issues with furnace cart, powered rails, holding rails, etc…)
  • Added World Anchor - A block that keeps 9 adjacent chunks loaded. Uses new Block Id, internally labeled as the Cube id.
  • Changed Concrete Block from Structure id to Cube id. Now blocks light and better performance. Existing Blocks will be converted automatically. Existing items will be labeled Obsolete, use them, they will be removed in a future patch.
  • Updated and improved Item Renderers.
  • Repulsive force of cart collisions reduced, almost impossible to get carts close together otherwise.
  • Fixed a crash when placing the Bore.

Series 4.0

Version 4.0.0 - (03-18-12)

  • Updated to MC 1.2.3
  • Moved to Forge network code, no more GUI conflicts and more information about missing mods etc. Currently broken, hence no SMP this version.
  • General code improvements.
  • Code changes to make adding the Blast Furnace easier.
  • The Bore now spits items out the back instead of the front.
  • Inverted Feed Station redstone behavior so that it is correctly disabled when powered, oops.
  • Reduced Feed Station usage to 1 wheat per feeding, still randomly picks an animal.

Series 3.4

Version 3.4.2 - (03-02-12)

  • No longer ignores the settings in “railcraft_modules.cfg”.

Version 3.4.1 - (03-01-12)

  • Fixed some Module load order issues caused by the new system.

Version 3.4.0 - (02-24-12)

  • Multi-file module system replaced with a single file + config file.
  • Infrastructure Module split into Signal Module and Structure Module.
  • Switch Rails moved into the Signal Module where they were intended to be.
  • Craft Guide integration of the Rolling Machine and Coke Oven recipes.
  • Improved Item Loader/Unloader GUI with filters and #/% to unload.
  • Lapotron Loader Upgrade now requires an advanced circuit, glass cables and only stacks to 9.
  • Gated Rails now have sounds.
  • Posts no longer form supporting posts when suspended under blocks, they instead form a shorter joining block. Result is they look more like beams.
  • Receiver Boxes now indirectly power the six adjacent blocks around them, this allows attaching redpower wires to these blocks.
  • Controller Boxes are now powered similar to rails, in other words if the block below them is powered then the box will be powered as well.
  • Feed Station can be disabled via redstone current.
  • Energy Loader/Cart can no longer discharge tools.
  • Fixed extensive MSFU → MFSU typos throughout the code.
  • Moved config files into a sub-folder of the config folder.
  • Adjusted texture folder structure to eliminate the possibility of texture pack conflicts.

Series 3.3

Version 3.3.1 - (02-08-12)

  • Fixed a possible crash when manually opening a Gated Rail.

Version 3.3.0 - (02-07-12)

  • Added Energy and Growth(adult animal) Detectors.
  • Added Gated Rail.
  • Added Feed Station, not really minecart related but it was the only component missing from an automated cattle farm. Less efficient (by far) than feeding by hand.
  • New Feature for Elevator Rails: If a cart stops at a level that has a rail opposite the elevator rail, it will be pushed onto that rail.
  • Liquid Loaders now require Tank Detectors in the recipe instead of Storage Detectors.
  • Creosote Oil production ratios adjusted again. Coal=2:1, Wood=4:1
  • Reduced Railcraft Dungeon Loot chances.
  • Added Loot Chances to config file.
  • Fixed TileEntityFurnace fallback code, it should now catch fuel errors like it was supposed to.
  • Fixed TMI/NEI duplicates.

Series 3.2

Version 3.2.1 - (01-25-12)

  • Fixed a possible crash related to the Tunnel Bore recipe.

Version 3.2.0 - (01-25-12)

  • Added Disembarking Rail - Kicks any entity riding a cart out of the cart.
  • Added Suspended Rail - Can cross up to 4 tiles unsupported.
  • Blast Resistance of Infrastructure blocks increased.
  • More robust module manager that doesn't rely on reflection.
  • Fix for Module initialization hiding id conflicts from the user and dying with a unhelpful error.

Series 3.1

Version 3.1.0 - (01-24-12)

  • SMP Returns!
  • Updated Buildcraft API.
  • Updated IC2 API.
  • Fixed an issue with not loading the Gold-Plate Rail item id properly, result being that it is defined with an id of 0 (Iron Shovel).
  • Normal to Speed Rail Conversion Recipe adjusted. Now converts six rails at a time instead of four.
  • The direction of all blocks with facing information can now be reversed by using the crowbar on the side its facing.
  • Fixed a crash when breaking chestcarts and steamcarts.
  • Fixed all Rolling Machine Ore Dictionary Recipes. You should be able to use Bronze and Refined Iron for rails, posts, and rebar now. Refined Iron is slightly more efficient that normal Iron, Bronze is less efficient.
  • Added alternate Bronze minecart recipe.
  • Changed Creosote production ratios: 5 → 4
  • Fixed an issue with changing the default tank cart capacity.
  • Added safety fallback code for TileEntityFurnace.getItemBurnTime() since so many people seem to break this part of their Forge install.
  • Fixed ISpecialInventory issues with Rolling Machine that resulted in a dupe bug.
  • Improved Rolling Machine shift-clicking.

Series 3.0

Version 3.0.0 - (01-17-12)

  • Updated for MC 1.1.0 and Forge 1.3.0!
  • Modularized Packaging. A highly requested feature as can be seen in this poll.
  • No more MCL! - The required code is now part of Forge (Thanks, Lex)
  • Added Rolling Machine - Basically a custom workbench with its own recipes for crafting various metal items. Will function similar to a Buildcraft Auto Crafting Table in that it can be automated via pipes or loaders. It will be used to craft various types of rails that will replace iron/gold in the current recipes. Costs will stay about the same as currently (speed rails should get cheaper), its just easier for me to add more alternate recipes for Bronze, etc this way.
  • Item Loaders/Unloaders are now ISpecialInventory aware, meaning they should work with Buildcraft Auto-Crafting Tables. (tested against Rolling Machine, but not Buildcraft, assumption being I implemented ISpecialInventory correctly on the Rolling Machine)
  • Many recipes changed to accommodate the Rolling Machine. Changed recipes include: nearly all rails, stone posts, iron posts, concrete block. All will revert to previous recipes if Factory Module is not installed.
  • Iron Post renamed Metal Post, alternate Forge Ore Dictionary recipes added if the Factory Module is installed.
  • Added config option for max speed on high speed rails.
  • Added config option to have the Bore destroy blocks instead of drop them.
  • Added gui to Animal Detector so you can select specific animals.
  • The Tank Cart Detector now accepts empty buckets as a filter. An empty bucket detects only empty carts. (untested)
  • Tank Carts are no longer considered Storage Carts by the game.
  • Added Switch Lever - Similar to the Switch Motor, but manual control only. (lever added to switch motor model, currently static)
  • Added Piston to Switch Motor/Lever recipes (duh, what was I thinking?).
  • Added Distant Signal - Displays the status of a paired controller.
  • Added checks to Coke Oven to prevent chunk loading issues.
  • Optimized Coke Oven code.
  • Creosote Oil is now only produced after every 5 Coal Coke. Definitely going to want more than one oven going.
  • Fixed SMP version checking.
  • Added checks to prevent crashing if the cart's world var isn't set when acquiring the bounding box.
  • Fixed a serious flaw in the item id auto-assign code that could result in item ids changing randomly between versions.
  • Fixed an issue with pairing that could result in the process becoming stuck in a half finished state.

Series 2.2

Version 2.2.1

  • The Bore now damages living entities that get in front of it.
  • Crowbar damage vs entities increased by one: 4 → 5
  • Coke Oven network GUI ID default changed: 121 → 116
  • Crowbar recipe now requires 4 red dye to make it more unique. (Trivia: this was the original planned recipe, but there were no red flowers in MC 1.8.1)
  • Fixed additional issues with Signals de-linking in SMP.

Version 2.2.0

  • Updated Forge - Now compatible with 1.2.3 only!
  • Updated Buildcraft API - Now compatible with 2.2.6 - 2.2.10 and 3.0.2 - 3.0.4!
  • Added Coke Oven and Coal Coke. Coke heat content is 3200 compared to Coal's 1600.
  • Existing Creosote Oil smelting recipes disabled by default, but can be re-enabled via the config. Output reduced by one. They have been replaced by the Coke Oven.
  • Added Advanced Item Loader/Unloader - These more expensive versions of the loaders do not rely on gravity in order to operate. This allows them to load/unload minecarts horizontally and help facilitate the use of loaders with more types of inventories.
  • Reworked how GUIs are accessed on all Utility blocks. It no longer requires a Crowbar, and the GUI won't open while sneaking or when holding a rail. This was done mainly because the Cart Dispenser and Advanced Loaders used the Crowbar for orientation adjustment instead of opening the GUI resulting in every block being slightly different. Now they are all the same.
  • Made pickaxes effective on all rails since they became effective against normal rails in vanilla MC 1.0.0.
  • Added config option to set the minimum delay between dispensing carts.
  • Increased the cart detection sensitivity of Item Unloaders to facilitate distribution balancing.
  • Increased Detector Block sensitivity.
  • Fixed a bug with the minecart reversal recipes that was causing the Tunnel Bore recipe to return a minecart when crafted.
  • Fixed crash caused by ore dictionary when “block.structure=0” in the config.
  • Fixed a crashed caused by placement checks for Structures.
  • Fixed an issue with Signals de-linking randomly in SMP. There may be more bugs since there eight different checks or conditions that could result in the pairing being dropped.
  • Added Signal debug statement to help diagnose random Signal de-linking issues. They are enabled via the config “tweaks.signals.printDebug”. Please enable if you experience issues with Signals randomly dropping their pairings and send me the log so I can solve the issue.
  • Secret Christmas bonus for the adventurous. - Post Christmas Note: The bonus was Railcraft related loot drops in Dungeon chests.

Series 2.1

Version 2.1.1

  • Iron Bore Head uses increased: 1000 → 1500
  • Utility Block harvest drops fixed. (Loader, Dispenser, etc…)
  • Buildcraft interfacing to Cart Dispenser fixed. It no longer matter which side you connect pipes too. However, it can still put full stacks in the Dispenser. :(
  • Cart Dispenser inventory shift-clicking fixed.
  • Bore textures split into smaller files in an attempt to avoid buffer overflows.

Version 2.1.0

  • Tunnel Bore added.
  • Cart Dispenser added.
  • Tweaked textures for the Item Loader/Unloader to help distinguish them from the Cart Dispenser.
  • Existing Loader/Unloader items in your inventory or chests will all be converted to Item Loaders. Please place them in the world before updating if this matters to you. This was a side effect of reworking the system to allow for the Cart Dispenser.
  • Detector Rail recipe now produces eight rails.
  • Elevator Rails are no longer displaced by water.

Series 2.0

Version 2.0.2

  • Fixed an issue with entities colliding with a cart while riding it at high speed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Liquid Loader/Unloader.
  • Fixed an issue with installation checks not killing Minecraft if the check failed.
  • Fixed an issue with advanced rails dropping an extra normal rail when destroyed.

Version 2.0.1

  • Fixed an issue with entities colliding with a cart while riding it.
  • Fixed an issue with Speed Rails and slopes.

Version 2.0.0

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.0.0.
  • Speed Rail recipe output increased to 40 from 32.
  • Added filter slot to Detector (Tank) and fixed tank cart detection.
  • Some recipes changed: Iron Post, Signal Lamp, Switch Motor
  • Rewrote Loader block code so I can use the block id for additional block types. If you experience any issues with Loaders, breaking them and replacing them should fix it.
  • Fixed bug with Switch Rails changing metadata of non-rail blocks.
  • Fixed Controller Box GUI in SMP (another instance of copy/paste and forget).

Series 1.6

Version 1.6.4

  • Fixed an issue with the Forge Ore Dictionary.
  • Iron Posts are now paintable with IC2 Painters.
  • Detectors, Loaders, and Iron Posts are now IC2 Wrenchable with a 100% drop rate.

Version 1.6.3

  • Fixed Server mod detection.

Version 1.6.2

  • Creosote Oil output from both Charcoal and Coal increased by one.
  • Normal Rail recipe output increased by 50%.

Version 1.6.1

  • Creosote Oil can now be made from Charcoal. Increased the output of making Creosote Oil from Coal to two.
  • Fixed High-Speed Switch Rail, it is now treated as a High-Speed rail.
  • Control Rails can now be placed the same way as any other directional rail and can be reversed with the Crowbar. They still reverse directions when powered. Unfortunately this had the side effect of reversing the direction of existing Control Rails running in a Notch North-South orientation. Avoiding this would have required the code to be three times more complex than it needed to be. Sorry about that.

Version 1.6.0

  • Structures
  • * Posts - Good for making signal mounting brackets, telephone poles, bridges, trestles, fences, monorails, etc…
  • Wood - Cheap but flammable. * Iron - Expensive, but can be painted many different colors.
  • Stone - Arguably cheaper than Iron, but more expensive than Wood. Concrete Block - A simple block that matches Stone Posts and will link to any Post.
  • * Block Signal - When paired they will indicate the status of any minecarts on the rail between them (straight lines only unfortunately). Green for clear, yellow for a minecart travelling away, and red for minecart travelling toward the signal or stopped. Can be linked to Switch Motors. The Dual Head Signal can be linked to display the status of a distant Block Signal, good for displaying the status of a diverging route.
  • * Switch Motor - Can be powered via Signals or redstone. A true turnout switch with two settings: Through or turnout. No more quirky T-switches.
  • * Signal Receiver Box - Can be paired with any Controller. When paired, you can open a GUI to pick which Aspects should emit a Redstone current from the Box. If placed next to a Signal Controller Box it will transmit the Aspect to it as well.

===== ** Signal Controller Box - Can be placed next to a Signal Receiver Box and will then send the Signal Aspect from the Receiver Box to a paired Receiver.

  • Added Switch Rails.
  • Added Tank Cart Detector.
  • Added Advanced Configurable Detector made from iron.
  • Adjusted Buildcraft detection. Should work now irregardless of the OS.
  • Added support for Buildcraft 3.0.0. Remains compatible with 2.2.x.
  • Added a number of alternative rail recipes using IC2 Bronze, and for any mods that add Bronze using the Forge Ore Dictionary. Ironically, IC2 doesn't actually register Bronze in the Ore Dictionary. -.-
  • Wood Ties now need to be treated with Creosote Oil and Stone Ties need some iron to reinforce them. Recipes changed accordingly. Creosote Oil is produced by cooking Coal in a furnace. Some rail recipes output increased to balance the increased cost.
  • Tweaked the High Speed Rail conversion recipe to convert four rails at a time instead of two. This makes the process slightly more in line with the new resource cost.
  • Unpowered High Speed Boosters and Transition Rails will now propel carts at normal speeds to ease the transition from high speed to normal speed rails.
  • Fixed a bug where unpowered High Speed Transition Rails running Notch East-West where failing to slow carts.
  • Greatly reduced the slowing ability of High Speed Booster and Transition Rails. It was always intended to take around eight in a row to slow you. Not sure how they got to be so effective. I apologize for all the deaths I know this will cause.
  • Normal High-Speed Rails can now make corners and switches. You will still die if you attempt to use them at high speed though.
  • Launch Rail rebalance, default max force is now 30, recipe much more expensive, added config option for max force, capped at 50.
  • Wooden Booster Rails now drop Wooden Booster Rails instead of Holding Rails.
  • Added a check that will kill Minecraft with an appropriate message if the MCL is not detected.
  • Made installation error printouts clearer and more obvious. If anyone posts another crash because they didn't install the MCL they should shoot themselves.
  • A fresh Client and Server should now have the same default values for railcraft.cfg. It is still possible for Block Ids to be different depending on the order other mods are loaded in (it varies due to operating system) so make sure you provide appropriate config files for your users.

Series 1.5

Version 1.5.2

  • Added GUIs for all the Loaders.
  • Added config options for tank cart capacity and fill rate.
  • Fixed Wooden Booster Rail recipe.
  • If you fall in a minecart and land on a rail, all fall damage will be reset. No more taking damage when the minecraft leaves the rail after a fall.
  • Fixed fall damage issues with Elevator Rails .
  • Fixed bouncing when reaching the top of tall Elevators.
  • Fixed a crash when an advanced rail's tile entity is not set (not being set still means something went wrong).
  • Added a check that will kill minecraft with an appropriate message if you have more than one version installed.
  • Should now be save, but not recommended to change the ids of the basic minecraft, chestcart, and steamcart.

Version 1.5.1

  • Fixed a crash when destroying a Loader or Unloader.
  • Carts can no longer be pushed past a One-Way Rail .
  • Boarding/Holding Rails can no longer grab more than one cart at a time.
  • Tank Cart capacity reduce 50%, fill/drain flow rate increased 25%. Result is total time to fill decreased by 62.5%. Should be a much more dynamic system with a slightly higher total rate of transfer, or at least I'd like to hope so.

Version 1.5.0

  • SMP returns
  • Added Tank Cart for transporting Buildcraft liquids (only available if Railcraft detects that Buildcraft is installed)
  • Added Elevator Rails (uses new block id) - original code and concept by DizzyDragon
  • Minecarts moving at normal speed no longer collide with items by default. They still collide at high speed, both can be changed in the config.
  • Finished giving everything the ability to be disabled with the config (including several tweaks)
  • Adjusted Chestcart drag rate (was causing the cart to explode on slopes at high speed for some strange reason)
  • Rewrote the collision routine again. Collisions should be less bouncy and Steamcarts should work a tad better.
  • Converted the basic Wooden Rail over to the tiled rail system (the MCL made this possible). It will no longer use a separate block id. Existing maps will be converted on first load. Make sure you visit every part of your map with wooden rails before exiting. The converter will be removed in a future patch.
  • Fixed conflict with the ID Resolver.

Series 1.4

Version 1.4.0

  • No SMP this version.
  • Major rewrite to improve compatibility (probably broke multiple things, let me know if there are issues)
  • Now depends on the Minecart Compatibility Layer
  • Changed Wooden Booster Rail recipe, was much too cheap.
  • Added the ability to adjust the fuse on the TNT cart with a string.
  • Added Junction Rails
  • Added reversal recipes for Chestcart, Steamcart, and TNT Cart. Put a chestcart in the crafting grid and it returns a chest + minecart.
  • Added conversion recipe for normal rail to speed rail
  • Two new detector variants: Explosive, Animal
  • Mob detector changed to detect only hostile mobs

Series 1.3

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed an issue with Boarding/Holding Rails and very short redstone pulses.

Version 1.3.0

  • Added Wooden Rails.
  • Added TNT cart and Priming Rail.
  • Reworked recipes, added ties and railbeds.
  • Reworked Unloader/Loader inventory logic, more compatible with Buildcraft pipes.
  • Fixed some high speed issues with slopes and collisions, rebalanced the high speed boosters (you might die, careful)
  • Fixed and improved cart lighting
  • Restored Powered Rails to their vanilla behavior. Never intended to change them (yet).
  • Reduced the likelihood that harvesting advanced rails will drop a normal rail due to tile entity caching issues. No tile in cache = drop normal rail, should happen less often now.
  • Expanded config file options: disable various blocks, rail, old recipes, etc… (not everything yet)

Series 1.2

Version 1.2.0

  • Added Speed Rails!
  • Added Holding Rail
  • Added Launcher Rail
  • Added Crowbar
  • Boarding Rail recipe changed to be more in line with the new Holding Rail.
  • Fixed an issue with the config file being created in the wrong location.
  • Fixed server/client sync for minecarts (apparently I broke it a while ago, that was why minecarts were so floaty in SMP)
  • Minecarts now rock when taking damage in SMP (harder than it looked, had to fix a few major flaws in my code that were preventing me from doing client side minecart code)
  • Detector names fixed
  • Removed rail conversion code - If your world used a 1.0 series version, please install a 1.1 series before installing 1.2. If this is your first time installing Railcraft you can ignore this.

Series 1.1

Version 1.1.1

  • Fixed Recipe Book Crash (for real this time)

Version 1.1.0

  • SMP Compatible!
  • Distinctive new system for compressing an infinite number of rails into a single block id. (Old maps should be converted to the new system automatically on first load)
  • 4 New Detector Blocks
  • Reworked Control Rails to boost/slow by a set amount, similar to vanilla Booster Rails. Previously it was a percentage boost.
  • <span style=“text-decoration: line-through;”>Checks added to prevent crashing (Recipe Book Bug)</span> - Still bugged

Series 1.0

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed a bug that causes the game to crash if a minecart passed over a rail from another mod.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release
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