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bore_screenshot.jpg Tired of digging miles of tunnels by hand? You've come to the right place. The Tunnel Bore can do it for you!

Capable of digging a 3×3 tunnel in whichever direction you point it and laying tracks along the way. It is powered by your choice of fuel and can fill low spots with gravel to even the grade. Replacement Bore Heads are sold separately.



  • It takes 9 seconds on average to carve out a 3×3 layer of stone. Less if there is softer materials like dirt or air. Obsidian takes a very long time.
  • In 10 minutes the Bore can carve a tunnel 64 tiles long. In 30 minutes, the Bore will pass beyond the chunk boundary if you remain at the starting point.
  • The Bore may stop digging for several reasons:
  • * No Bore Head (they will break eventually).
  • * Fuel exhausted.
  • * Rails exhausted.
  • * Gravel exhausted.
  • * Hole greater than 10 tiles deep encountered.
  • * Lava suspected.
  • * Water encountered.
  • * Unbreakable block encountered.

Bore Head

  • Bore Heads have durability and can be repaired using the vanilla repair recipes.
  • An Iron Bore Head can bore 1500 blocks before breaking. This is enough to dig a tunnel more than 160 tiles long. Cannot mine Obsidian.
  • A Steel Bore Head can bore 3000 blocks before breaking. This is enough to dig a tunnel more than 320 tiles long. Cannot mine Obsidian. Mines each layer 20% faster than the Iron Bore Head.
  • A Diamond Bore Head can bore 6000 blocks before breaking and can mine Obsidian. This is enough to dig a tunnel nearly 700 tiles long. You'll run out of rails before the head breaks. The Bore can only hold 576 rails at a time. Three diamond pickaxes can only mine about 4500 blocks. Mines each layer 40% faster than the Iron Bore Head.


  • Can be powered by any fuel that burns in a Furnace.
  • One piece of Coal or Charcoal will power the Bore for 10 seconds. A stack for 10 minutes. If filled full of Coal, the Bore can run for 70 minutes without user interaction.
  • Coal Coke, the fuel of choice, will double the return rate of your Coal and lasts for 20 seconds per piece.


  • When faced with a low spot, the Bore will attempt to fill it with gravel or Crushed Obsidian.
  • The Bore can hold 9 stacks of gravel or Crushed Obsidian.
  • The Bore will only attempt to fill holes less than 10 tiles deep. Ravines or deep rivers will bring it to a stop.


  • The Bore can hold 576 tracks at a time.
  • The Bore can place any vanilla or Railcraft tracks, though most special tracks will interfere with the Bore's operation. Normal tracks, plain High Speed Tracks, or plain Wooden Tracks or plain Reinforced Tracksare recommended.
  • The Bore will stop if it runs out of tracks.


The Bore may occasionally encounter water during its travels. If this happens, the rails it is riding on will be washed away and the Bore will halt all operations until the situation is remedied.


If the Bore detects the signature increases in heat that indicate that lava is nearby it will halt all operations until someone can manually come investigate. Contact with Lava will likely destroy the Bore, be careful.

Unbreakable Blocks

There are two types of unbreakable blocks:

  • The first is the block that is too hard for the current Bore Head to mine, for example trying to bore through Obsidian with an Iron Bore Head attached.
  • The second is a block not listed in the list of mineable blocks. Additional blocks can be added to the list via the config file, see below for details. This feature is primarily designed to prevent griefing (intentional or accidental) while using the Tunnel Bore.

Linking Carts

  • Using the Crowbar, you may link carts to the rear of the Tunnel Bore.
  • Mined items will be placed in linked Chestcarts.
  • Fuel and Gravel will be retrieved from linked Chestcarts when the Bore runs low.
  • The Anchor Cart will allow the Bore to keep operating even when the player is not near.
  • The Track Remover will retrieve the rails the Bore lays behind it and feed them back in to the Bore


  • Model and texture inspired by this photo.
  • Recipes modified in version 4.4.0 to require steel instead of iron.
  • As of 6.0.0, the Bore is faster but uses more fuel.


Watch videos on this and other railcraft related videos here!


Tunnel Bore

Iron Bore Head

Steel Bore Head

Diamond Bore Head

Adding Blocks to the Config File

In the “railcraft.cfg” file, located in the “config” folder, there is the following line.


To add additional blocks to the list of blocks that can be bored by the Tunnel Bore, simply make a comma seperated list of the block ids between the brackets.

   tweaks.minecarts.bore.mineableBlocks={ 145, 230:3, 241 }



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