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Energy Loaders are used to provide an interface between the IndustrialCraft2 Energy Net and Energy Carts. They possess a number of advanced features unique to IC2 machines. By default they input and output at 512 EU/t. When one of the selected options triggers, it sends out a redstone current allowing for launch from a holding or boarding rail.


The recipes below are broken. Replace Detector - Energy with a hopper.

Energy Loader

Energy Unloader



  • Orange: Charging Slot
  • Yellow: Discharge Slot
  • Red: Power Storage Level
  • Green: Loader/Unloader options
  • Purple: Energy transfer rate between Loader/Unloader and Energy Cart. Transfer rate varies for each cart, and depends on installed upgrades.
  • Blue: Upgrade Slots, you can install various upgrades to increase the performance of the Energy Loader/Unloader.
Energy Loader
  • Wait If Empty - Have empty carts wait even if there is no energy currently available.
  • Wait Till Full/Top Off - Wait until the cart is completely filled with energy before sending it on its way. Otherwise send the cart once there is no more energy available.
Energy Unloader
  • Wait Till Empty - Have the cart wait until it is completely empty, even if there is currently no room to unload more energy.


Lapotron Loader Upgrade

The Lapotron Loader Upgrade is a custom upgrade added by Railcraft. It adds 1,000,000 EU extra storage to any Energy Loader/Unloader in which it is installed. It does not upgrade the storage of any other IC2 machine, only Energy Loaders/Unloaders. You may not put more than 9 in a Loader/Unloader.


Overclocker Upgrade

The Overclock Upgrade increases the transfer rate between Energy Loaders/Unloaders and Energy Carts at the cost of efficiency. The rate increased by 30% per upgrade, energy usage by 50%. More than ten upgrades has no effect.


Energy Storage Upgrade

The Storage Upgrade increases the Energy Loaders/Unloaders storage capacity by 10,000 EU per upgrade.


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Transformer Upgrade

The Transformer Upgrade increases the input/output voltage of the Energy Loaders/Unloaders to 2048 EU/t. Only one upgrade is required. Improper handling can result in an explosion.


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  • The plug side must face the cart.
  • Use Energy Loaders/Carts to power temporary bases easily without a lot of extra infrastructure.
  • MFE Carts require a Transformer Upgrade.
  • Adding a Transformer Upgrade will increase the input/output to Extreme Voltage.


  • Added in version 3.3.0



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