Narrow it Down

Before you ask for help, you need to do several things:

  1. Locate your ForgeModLoader-client-0.log and/or ForgeModLoader-server-0.log file in your Minecraft directory.
  2. Check those logs, its possible the error and solution are detailed within.
  3. Read the Compatibility Section, Issue Tracker, IRC Channel, Railcraft Forum and Minecraft Forum thread to see if your problem has been solved already. Any support requests that have been answered already will generally be ignored.
  4. Re-install from a fresh jar following all the instructions listed below.
  5. Determine if the problem is a conflict with another mod by installing only Railcraft first, then adding mods one at a time until the problem appears. This information is vital to a proper support request.
  6. Now that you have all the information you can gather on your own, you are ready to make a post about your problem. The place to do this is on the Railcraft Forum.
    • Your post needs to be as detailed as possible. You need to explicitly state which version of Railcraft you are using, your operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac), and whether you are playing singleplayer or multiplayer. Don't expect the creator to guess, and it makes a huge difference in diagnosing the problem.
    • Include information about conflicts with other mods. You did test that right? If not, you need to return to step 2.
    • You must post your log file and it must be placed in [spoiler][/spoiler] tags or as a Pastebin link. Skipping this step will greatly irritate the creator.
    • Failure to follow ALL these rules will result in your request either being ignored, unsolvable, or hostility from the creator. You have been warned.

API Errors

If you see errors in your log like NoSuchMethodError, NoClassDefFoundError, VerifyError, or basically any java Throwable ending with “Error”, followed by a package name that includes the word “api”, you probably have an api error. You either need to update all your mods to very latest version, wait for mods to update, or attempt to remove the api folder from any third party mod zips. It should be noted that removing the API folder only has a very slim chance of fixing the issue.


  • ID Requirements - This mod currently uses eleven block IDs. Block IDs can be changed or disabled in the config file “%appdata%/.minecraft/config/railcraft.cfg”.
  • TMI/NEI - I haven't tested it, but I doubt it will work 100%. If you experience odd behavior when using TMI to spawn in blocks and items from Railcraft, please don't post bug reports without doing legit testing first. Nor will I likely be able or inclined to fix any such issues. Thanks.
  • ID Resolver - Not recommended. Don't change the id of the basic minecart, chestcart, or steamcart items. If you get normal rails when placing advanced rails delete your ID Resolver settings and start over.
  • Zombie's Modpack - You must use the Forge compatibility patch provided in the Zombie thread.
  • Singleplayer Commands - If SPC is installed you may expeirance issues, certain commands are known to be incompatible with Railcraft.
  • Buildcraft - Fully compatible!
  • Steve's Carts - Fully compatible!
  • Trains Mod - Fully compatible!
  • Minecart Speed Recorder - Should work.
  • Better than Wolves - No longer compatible, due to BTW no longer being Forge compatible.
  • Other Mods - Most mods that are Forge compatible should work fine. If a problem occurs it can most likely be fixed once identified. Its impossible to say which Non-Forge mods will work, some will, most won't.

Reporting Problems

After all self diagnosing has been exhausted, we ask that you utilize the issue tracker on GitHub to check if there's an existing issue that's already been reported. If you do not see it listed, feel free to post a new issue there.

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