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The World Anchor works to keep an area of 3×3 chunks, centered on the Anchor, loaded and active even if the player is not near. Be warned, the more of these you place, the greater the burden on your PC. For this reason they are also fairly costly.

In addition to the high cost, Anchors also have a maintenance fee (this can be disabled via the config files if you wish). Every so many real-life hours (12 is the default) the Anchor will eat an Ender Pearl in order to maintain operation. The Anchor will remember how many hours remain even if you break the block and stick it in your inventory.

Anchors can also be disabled via a Redstone signal, this will turn the Anchor off (preventing fuel use) and probably cause the chunk to unload. In order to turn the Anchor back on, you will most likely need to personally travel to the Anchor.

World Anchors come in four flavors, the standard World Anchor, the Personal Anchor, the Admin Anchor and the Passive Anchor. The differences are listed below:

World Anchor Features

  • Always active unless out of fuel or disabled with Redstone.
  • Force loads chunks on world load.

Personal Anchor Features

  • Only active if the owner is currently logged into the Game.
  • Does not force load chunks, only prevents already loaded chunks from unloading.

Admin Anchor Features

  • Don't need Fuel.
  • Always active unless disabled with Redstone.
  • Force loads chunks on world load.

Passive Anchor Features

  • Similar to Personal Anchor it does not force load chunks, but keeps them loaded once they have been visited.

Also, the World Anchor has a secondary feature, Anchor Sentinels. They allow you do define a one chunk wide strip of chunks to load, up to 25×1 chunks max. To use them, put down a World Anchor or Personal Anchor, walk straight away from it, and place a Anchor Sentinel. Right click the Sentinel with a Crowbar and then right-click the World Anchor and your good to go! It should be noted that in this mode, Anchors no longer load the normal 3×3 area around the Anchor. In fact, it is even possible to load only a single chunk using Sentinel pairing. The fuel consumption depends on the nummber of loaded chunks.

Using the Trackman's Goggles you can bring up an “aura” of purple particles in chunks under the influence of a World Anchor or Anchor Cart.


  • Added Personal Anchors in version
  • Readded in version with a new recipe, and Anchor Sentinels
  • Removed in version 6.0.0 due to Forge changes
  • Bugged in versions 4.1.0 - 4.1.4
  • Added in version 4.1.0


World Anchor

Personal Anchor

Anchor Sentinel

Admin Anchor

Only obtainable with the /give command or in creative.



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