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This detector block will detect any minecart that passes adjacent to them. They can be placed under or beside rails. They will only provide power in the direction of the light.

Storage detector


Detector - Item

Triggers on Items in Inventories from Chest Carts or Steam Locomotives. Has a GUI to control the config. For example it can scan for a certain item, for the amount, or for missing items.

Wood PlanksWood PlanksWood PlanksWood PlanksStone Pressure PlateWood PlanksWood PlanksWood PlanksWood PlanksDetector - Item

See: Crafting Guide

Detector - Powered
Detector - Any
Detector - Player

Triggers only on carts with a player in them.

SlabsSlabsSlabsSlabsStone Pressure PlateSlabsSlabsSlabsSlabsDetector - Player

See: Crafting Guide

Detector - Empty
Detector - Mob
Detector - Animal

Triggers only on carts with an animal in them. Has a GUI for selecting specific animals.

Oak_WoodOak_WoodOak_WoodOak_WoodStone Pressure PlateOak_WoodOak_WoodOak_WoodOak_WoodDetector - Animal

See: Crafting Guide

Detector - Sheep

Triggers only on carts with Sheep in them with enough Wool to be sheared. Has a GUI for selecting specific colors of wool.

Wool (Any)Wool (Any)Wool (Any)Wool (Any)Stone Pressure PlateWool (Any)Wool (Any)Wool (Any)Wool (Any)Detector - Sheep

See: Crafting Guide

Detector - Age

Triggers only on carts with an adult animal in them. Does not trigger on baby animals.

Spruce_WoodSpruce_WoodSpruce_WoodSpruce_WoodStone Pressure PlateSpruce_WoodSpruce_WoodSpruce_WoodSpruce_WoodDetector - Age

See: Crafting Guide

Detector - Explosive
Detector - Advanced
Detector - Train

Uses a GUI to select which the size of the train it detects. Part of the Trains Module.

Nether BrickNether BrickNether BrickNether BrickStone Pressure PlateNether BrickNether BrickNether BrickNether BrickDetector - Train

See: Crafting Guide

Detector - Tank

Triggers on any cart that implements ILiquidContainer including Tank Carts. Has a GUI for selecting the type of liquid to trigger on and the tank's current liquid level.

BrickBrickBrickBrickStone Pressure PlateBrickBrickBrickBrickDetector - Tank

See: Crafting Guide

Detector - Energy

Triggers on Energy Carts only. Part of the IC2 Module.

This recipe is outdated, it now uses Tin Plates.

Tin PlateTin PlateTin PlateTin PlateStone Pressure PlateTin PlateTin PlateTin PlateTin PlateDetector - Energy
Detector - Villager

Triggers only on Villagers. Has a GUI to specify the type.

LeatherLeatherLeatherLeatherStone Pressure PlateLeatherLeatherLeatherLeatherDetector - Villager

See: Crafting Guide

Detector - Locomotive
Detector - Routing



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