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In principle, the Train Dispenser is similar to the Cart Dispenser; however, it is far more complex and allows you place entire trains on your rails.

It has two sections in the GUI. The top section, the Pattern section, allows you to place a sequence of carts from left to right that is used to define what spawned trains should look like. The lower section, the Buffer, is where the Train Dispenser will draw carts from in order to build the train.


  • The Train Dispenser will only spawn a train if there are enough carts in the Buffer to build the Pattern.
  • The longest train you can build is 9 carts long.
  • The Train Dispenser triggers on a rising edge of a redstone signal, same as the Cart Dispenser.
  • Carts will be linked together as they spawn, assuming that the previous cart hasn't been moved too far away.
  • Use control rails to slowly move carts away from the Train Dispenser so it can spawn the next cart in the Pattern.
  • The Train Dispenser will only accept cart items from Loaders or Buildcraft Pipes if that type of cart is in the current Pattern.
  • The Train Dispenser cannot pick up carts, use a Cart Dispenser for that functionality.
  • The Crowbars used in the recipe can be partly damaged.
  • The Train Dispenser will obey the same delay between spawns setting as the Cart Dispenser (see “railcraft.cfg”).


  • Added in version 5.2.0



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