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Need some convenient storage for your carts? Then the Cart Dispenser is for you!

It is triggered on a positive redstone pulse and can store up to three carts. When triggered it will collect any minecart in front of it, or if there is no minecart and it has a cart in the inventory, it will place a cart on the rail.


  • You can place a button on the side by sneaking.
  • Fully compatible with Item Loader/Unloaders.
  • There is a config option to define the minimum amount time between dispensing carts in order to reduce SMP greifing.


  • Added in version 2.1.0

Example 1

In this example, the Dispenser is over the rail but it could be on any side or even under the rails and still work. The grey block next to it is a Detector (Any) facing towards the Dispenser. Control rails make sure the minecart is going the right way. A cart approaching from the left will trigger the detector and be sucked up by the dispenser. To dispense the minecart, just flick the switch and it reverses the control rails and spits out a cart. The switch is just used for example purposes. When making a real one it could be triggered by a button that activates a RS Latch. Another detector near the loading platform would reset the latch and put it in receive mode after the cart gets to where it is supposed to be.

Example 2

In this example, there is one Cart Dispenser (right) that collects minecarts. There is a Detector (Any) under the rail that triggers the Dispenser. Next to the Dispenser is a Loader. On the Left there is another Dispenser (with a button) next to an Unloader. The Chestcart shuttles carts between the two. This example can store 90 some carts.





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