All users are welcome to contribute to the Railcraft Wiki provided they can maintain the level of quality the wiki expects.


  • Look at similar pages - If you are editing a page and are not sure about syntax/styling, refer to similar pages and copy them.
  • Familiarize yourself with doku syntax - This will make your life easier.
  • Look at the Recent Changes section to see the kind of things that need fixing.
  • Recipes are created using Image Maps - Details here
  • Don't forget to tag your page - Pages are tagged with the Tag Plugin
  • Add your page to the Sidebar - New pages must be manually added to the Navigation sidebar by editing the Navigation Page.
  • Video syntax, follows same alignement rules as images:

Deleting a Page

Delete all the content of the page and the page will be deleted.

  1. Edit Page
  2. Select All
  3. Delete
  4. Save Edit

Things That Need Doing

  • The migration from Wikispaces left a bunch of residual issues behind.
    • Untagged Pages need Tagging - Pages are tagged with the Tag Plugin
      • Do not create new tags please unless you know what you are doing, use only tags you see used on another page.
      • If a page has a “Other Pages with the Related Tags” section, the page might need to be tagged with the same tags listed. But this is not a 100% rule. Use best judgement.
      • Example tags: cart, steam, core, train, signal, track
    • Sidebar Needs Filling Out - Pages must be manually added to the Navigation sidebar by editing the Navigation Page.
    • Broken links (red) need fixing - This includes broken video syntax, links that escaped the conversion scripts, etc…
    • Missing recipes need implementing - Details here.
      • All the recipe images from the old wiki have been uploaded here.

Progess Section

Namespaces that have been Cleaned up
  • box
  • cart
  • fluid
Namespaces that Need Work
  • device
  • fuel
  • guide
  • info
  • module
  • ore
  • part
  • signal
  • storage
  • structure
  • tool
  • track

More Information

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