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Steam Turbine Perhaps you have come to the point where you have plenty of Steam but nothing to do with it? Well we can help. We offer to you the mighty Steam Turbine, a device capable of turning Steam into Electrical Power.

The Turbine can output up to 200 EU/t (IndustrialCraft 2) or 200 Charge/t. It requires a constant input of 320 Steam per tick, which is basically eight Gold Pipes worth of Steam. It is, however, highly recommended that you simply build the Turbine next to the Boiler instead of worrying about pipes.

It's built in a 2x3x2 pattern, the same as the Rock Crusher. Additionally it requires that a Turbine Rotor is installed to operate. A Rotor should last for several days of constant use (real-time). At 40% remaining it will Trigger a Buildcraft Gate condition indicating that it needs maintenance. You can then repair the rotor by combining two rotors using the vanilla repair mechanic.

What's more, the Turbine is a closed system that allows you to pump most of the water back into the Boiler if you wish.


  • Version added Railcraft Charge production.
  • Version doubled the output of the Turbine to 200 EU/t.
  • Version reduces the chance that Rotors will take damage from 1/150 to 1/200. Increasing the estimated life of the Rotor to about 84 hrs.
  • Version added a Turbine Repair recipe.
  • Output/Input doubled in version Rotor duration increased by 50%. It should last about 62.5 hrs as of this version and produce 100 EU/t.
  • In version, there were many changes put in place for the Turbine: Turbine recipe now makes 2 blocks. Turbine IC2 output decreased to 50 EU/t. Doubled the chance that the Turbine Rotor will take damage. It should last about 41 hrs at 100% output.
  • Added in version


Steam Turbine Housing

Turbine Blade

Turbine Disk

Turbine Rotor

Turbine Rotor Repair Recipe





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