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black_loco_screenshot.jpg There is just something majestic about a Steam Locomotive. Something that to this day fascinates people worldwide. The Crowning Achievement of the Industrial Revolution, they were nearly as complex as any mechanical clock, yet their size and presence just ooze power.

Railcraft, Inc. is proud to continue that tradition and brings you a line of Steam Locomotives that will keep your Trains running non-stop. Yes, they might not be as majestic or as massive as their fore-bearers, but what they lack in presence they more than make up for with an “I THINK I CAN” mentality.

Now enough poetry and thinly veiled cultural references and on to the nitty-gritty details.

Steam Locomotives have a few defining features, one of the most interesting and dangerous is their ability to “clean the tracks”. No longer will you have to worry about those wandering pigs (or players) getting in the way of your carts. A painful lesson perhaps (for the pig), but such is progress!

It should be noted that this also applies to other Locomotives, its just that there are more flames, explosions and fiery death involved. We wouldn't want to see one of our shiny Locomotives a twisted wreck on the front page news. Although it probably wouldn't be very shiny anymore after that.

Originally, we were going to go with the stance that “You can have any color as long as it's black.”, but due to market pressure we relented and allowed you to paint your Locomotives any color you desire (see recipe below). As a bonus feature, we also threw in a Detector block (made from Infernal Brick) than can pick up on this aesthetic feature.

Looks aside, like any Boiler, Steam Locomotives require both fuel and water. They are also subject to the same dangers in regards to hot and dry Boilers. Thankfully, Liquid Loaders are smart enough not to fill a Steam Locomotive if it would result in an explosion. However, Railcraft, Inc. is not liable for the actions of the person operating the Locomotive.

Also present is the ability to switch Locomotives between three modes: Running, Idle, and Shutdown. The details of each mode should be pretty self explanatory, but it should be noted that if a Lockdown Track grabs any cart in the Train, the Locomotive will behave as if it was in Idle mode. The benefit of Idle Mode being significantly reduced fuel/water usage. A Locomotive will also switch to Shutdown mode if it runs out of water.

Alright, so we lied about there being no more cultural references. Did I mention Whistles?


  • You can use multiple Locomotives in a single Train for more power and speed.
  • Smacking a Locomotive with a Crowbar will reverse its direction (this only works correctly if the Locomotive has moved since it was placed).


  • Added in version








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